Manjaro 17.0 Codenamed Gellivara Released In XFCE And KDE Flavors

Brief: Beginner friendly Arch-based Linux distribution Manjaro has a new major release 17.0 today. Codenamed Gellivara, it brings Linux kernel 4.9 LTS, Xorg v1.19 and updated Manjaro Settings Manager among other changes.

Manjaro is one of the best Linux distribution for beginners despite being based on the ‘expert only’ Arch Linux. Manjaro offers XFCE and KDE desktop flavors. Other desktop environments flavors are also available under ‘community edition’ label.

Manjaro announced the release of the latest version 17.0, codenamed Gellivara today. It is available in both XFCE and KDE flavors. Let’s what’s new in Manjaro 17.0.

Manjaro Linux 17.0 released

New features in Manjaro 17.0

Main highlights of this release are:

  • Linux Kernel 4.9 LTS
  • Xorg-Stack v1.19 series
  • Pamac package manager updated with native AUR support
  • Enhanced and improved Manjaro Tools & Profiles
  • Manjaro Hardware Detection now has a more efficient way to handle libglx binaries
  • New themes added, old ones updated
  • KDE version has the latest components: Plasma 5.9.3, Apps 16.12.3, Framework 5.31.0
  • Manjaro Settings Manager now lets you easily install and remove Linux kernels offered by Manjaro
Manjaro 17.0 KDE edition
Manjaro 17.0 KDE edition
Manjaro 17.0 XFCE
Manjaro 17.0 XFCE

Download Manjaro Linux 17.0

If you are already using Manjaro Linux, you can check if system updates are available or not. Just apply the updates and you’ll be using Manjaro 17.0.

John has already talked about why use Manjaro Linux so I am not going to discuss that today. But if you are not using Manjaro and want to give it a try, you can download the ISO and create a live USB of Manjaro. It is easy to install Manjaro, thanks to the graphical installer.

You can download the latest Manjaro Linux from the download link below:

Download Manjaro 17.0

Community editions like Budgie, GNOME, Mate etc don’t have their respective 17.0 version yet. You’ll have to wait for few more days/weeks for that.

Talking about community editions, did you know there is a Manjaro based Linux distribution for gaming?

Are you going to try Manjaro 17.0?

Manjaro has grown quite some following in past couple of years. But the same is not true for its various offshoots. Manjaro ARM project aimed at bringing Manjaro to ARM based system was closed down recently due to lack of community.

That sad news aside, if you are not using Manjaro, will you be willing to give it a try?

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  • Gnome was also added to the list of official flavours with the release of Gellivara, promoted from a community edition.