[Fun] Linux Spotted In Real Life!

funny Linux spotted in real life

So you think Linux exists in desktop and servers only? Think again! It might not be.Β In real life also, we have glimpse of Linux which might be unnoticed by most of the people but it would be amusing for a tech enthusiast. I grabbed some of the pictures doing the rounds on social media which may tickle your funny bone. Lets have a look at these pictures of Linux in real life :)

Linux biscuits are not free

Unlike most of the Linux operating systems, these Linux biscuits are neither free nor open sourced. You will have to shell out money to taste the ‘freedom’ :P

Funny Linux in real life: Linux biscuits

Linux laundry detergent to wipe the stains of Windows

Hell yeah! Linux and Micro & Soft laundry detergents together. Up to you to choose.

Linux Microsoft Washing Powder

Linux condoms?

Okay, this one seems to be photoshopped but it’s so funny that I could not resist posting it:

Funny Linux Condoms

Coffee for human beings?

Ubuntu Coffee

Get rid of virus from your hair with Ubuntu shampoo

Ubuntu deo

Fresh every six months like an Ubuntu release

ubuntu cola

Most secured marshmallows ever

ssh mallows

This needs password

sudo cream?

Linux commands in vehicle license plates

Customized number plates are often awesome. And they are incredible when they represent Linux commands. Check these out:

So this car needs ‘sudo‘ access to ‘move’?

Funny Linux

Dream license plate for any sys admin, isn’t it?

Funny Linux License Plate

Proud to be a Linux geek.

Funny Linux License Plate

And again, UID 0 (i.e. Superuser). Awesome it is.

Funny Linux License Plate

I hope it is not owned by Ian Murdock (Debian founder) himself.

Funny Linux License Plate

And I am glad you do it :)

Funny Linux License Plate

It was fun, isn’t it? That’s all I could find at the moment. I’ll add more pictures as I find them. Meanwhile you can read these 10 funny jokes on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Do you have something similar to share with us? Feel free to add the pictures or provide the link in the comment sections. Do share the post, if you find it amusing enough. Ciao :)

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