Linux Lite 3.0 Released

Linux Lite 3.0 released

One of the most lightweight Linux distributions, Linux Lite has just announced the release of its latest version 3.0.

It’s been over a month since Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has been released and it was evident that most Linux distributions based on Ubuntu will be releasing their new versions soon. While Linux Mint 18 (will be based on Ubuntu 16.04) ¬†is due soon, Linux Lite has released its version 3.0 which is based on Ubuntu 16.04.

Linux Lite is a popular distribution, specially among the beginners. It uses one of the best desktop environments for Linux, XFCE. Using XFCE makes it a suitable choice for low end and older hardware computers. It provides a menu similar to Windows XP in order to make Windows migrants comfortable. A graphical tool for installing software is also provided.

In addition to that, Linux Lite focuses to provide ‘out of the box’ experience. Which means that it comes with all the essentials tools and software installed by default.

Linux Lite 3.0 features

I am sure you would be wondering about what new features does Linux Lite’s latest version bring. Let’s have a look at some of the most evident visual changes in Linux Lite 3.0.

If it matters, the first thing you’ll notice is the new default wallpaper.

Linux Lite 3.0 default wallpaper
Linux Lite 3.0 default wallpaper

It now has the beautiful Ar GTK theme installed by default. Dark version of this theme is also available

Arc GTK theme is the default
Beautiful Arc GTK theme is the default

As it was requested by users in the past, folders can now be accessed from the menu.

Folder access from Menu in Linux Lite 3.0
Folder access from Menu

Software center of Linux Lite, Lite Software has been overhauled:

Lite Software has been revamped
Lite Software has been revamped

The new login screen can be navigated through keyboard:

New login screen in Linux Lite 3.0
New login screen

If you are fan of image uploading site Imgur, you can now upload your screenshots directly to it:

Screenshots can be directly uploaded to Imgur
Screenshots can be directly uploaded to Imgur

You can watch this video by Linux Scoop to see what’s new in Linux Lite 3.0:

Other features:

In not so visible features, Linux Lite now has automatic upgrades, a new boot screen, fewer PPAs and upgraded version of most software. Live USB now doesn’t require password and the ISO size has grown bigger.

Surprisingly, Linux Lite 3.0 has no support for UEFI.

Download Linux Lite 3.0

You can download Linux Lite 3.0 directly or from the torrent. Just go to the download section and choose the version you want:

Download Linux Lite 3.0

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  • When I look at the various distros that advertise to those looking for a lite alternative they keep also adding “older hardware”. I have a newer computer, but it uses a low end Intel Atom (64-bit) processor. Any suggestions for Atom based processors?

    • Stick with any distro that uses xfce, LXDE or a simple window manager, as all of these are light on the resources. So Lubuntu, xubuntu, linux lite, and LXLE would all be fine distros. Check out my YouTube channel for reviews.