Install Hulu Desktop App In Ubuntu Linux

Hulu Desktop app in Ubuntu 13.04

Important: Hulu has stopped development of its desktop app. Do not install it anymore.

Though Hulu desktop app is no longer available, you can still watch it in Linux in web browser. Use this trick to watch Hulu in Ubuntu based Linux and this follow this tutorial for watching Hulu in Arch Linux based distributions.

As Linux desktop grows, more and more web services are taking Linux seriously. Though Linux does not get as much attention as Windows or Mac. But I do think that once Ubuntu Phone or Ubuntu tablet is launched, we’ll see more and more web services launching their apps for Ubuntu and thus eventually for Linux.

Already several services have started working on their Linux desktop client. Now we can install Spotify in Ubuntu, we can also install Netflix desktop app in Ubuntu. Similar to Spotify and Netflix, Hulu too has a Linux desktop app in beta. And in this post we shall see how to install Hulu desktop app in Ubuntu 13.04 and other Debian based Linux distributions:

Install Hulu desktop app in Ubuntu:

As stated earlier, the Linux client for Hulu is still in beta so you might have some issues with it. I had none so far in my 2 hours of experience with it. You can install Hulu using the .deb installation files. These deb package are available for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. If you do not know, here is how to check if your Ubuntu is 32 bit or 64 bit.

Hulu desktop client for 32 bit

Hulu desktop client for 64 bit

Once you have downloaded the deb package, you can install it by double clicking on it. It will be installed in Ubuntu Software Centre. Alternatively, you can easily install .deb packages using GDebi package installer.

That’s it. Nothing else needs to be done. You can start the client by searching for it in Unity Dash. Here is a screenshot of Hulu desktop client in Ubuntu 13.04:

Install Hulu desktop app in Ubuntu 13.04

Oh, by the way, if you think you need to be in America to access Hulu, here is an easy way to watch Hulu outside the US. Questions, suggestions? Feel free to drop to the comment section.

Note: You can fix “There was a problem playing this protected content. (Error Code: 3336)” error easily.

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  • What the hell? You published this 7 months after Hulu officially ended it. That’s pretty dishonest. You should take this down.