How To Install Antergos Linux

dual boot Antergos and Windows

Continuing the series of Antergos Linux tutorial, I am going to show you how to install Antregos Linux today.

Note that, this tutorial is not about dual booting. If you want, you can read the previous tutorial on how to dual boot Windows 10 and Antergos. This method will erase each and everything existing on your hard disk. This is the reason why it is the simplest way of installing Antergos.

Things to know/have before you install Antergos

  • Backup data: Since this method of installation is going to erase everything on the hard disk, I suggest you to make a backup of your important data, preferably on external hard disk or in cloud storage.
  • Good internet speed: Antergos downloads a great deal of files. You must have an internet connection to install it and it would be better if it is high speed.
  • Interrupted installation: Cnchi installer of Antergos is not matured yet and is still in beta. Which means, installation may fail and you may have to start over.
  • Plenty of time: As the installation depends on internet speed and it could fail midway, you need to have some time and patience at hand to install Antergos

Install Antergos Linux

Step 1: Create bootable USB

First thing you need to install Antergos is to create bootable USB.

Step 2: Installing Antergos Linux

Once you have the USB created, plug it in and restart the system to boot from the USB. Make sure that the boot order is set to removable media.

After booting from USB, if you are stuck with a black terminal screen, (force) shut down and replug the USB. Weird, but works.

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Once you have successfully booted into live USB, you’ll be presented with the option to install or try Antergos. Click on Install it.


Things are pretty straight forward here. Choose the language of your operating system.

Choose langauge
Choose language

Make sure to connect with the internet:

Some preinstall checks
Some preinstall checks

Give the location preference:

Location preference
Location preference

Timezone selection:

Timezone selection
Timezone selection

Select the keyboard layout:

Keyboard layout
Keyboard layout

Antergos provides several desktop environment choices. Choose the one you want.

Select desktop environment while installing Antergos Linux
Select your desktop

You’ll be presented with some options to install propriety drivers and additional software. You can install them afterwards as well.

Install additional software
Install additional software

We’ll choose to erase disk. This will make Antergos the only operating system on your system. As mentioned earlier, this will wipe out all the data.

Install Antergos
Choose Erase Disk

The displayed warning, of course. You can also choose the Bootloader here. I prefer Grub.


Things will again be straight forward from here:




That’s it. Shut down the computer. Remove the USB and then switch the system on again. Enjoy Atntergos.


  1. I decided to just download the full iso and then install it in VirtualBox. Gave it 1.5Gb RAM. Just booted for the first time and it seems fast. Might try using the xcfe install instead as I prefer that look and feel.

  2. Sorry, but as a newbie who clicks a link that says “create live USB of Antergos in Windows” only to be taken to a page with the title “Create A Live USB Of Ubuntu In Antergos,” that’s it, I leave immediately in search of a better-prepared tutorial.

  3. hi, i have a problem after installing antergos…when i boot my computer , in boot options i can’t choose to boot in win 10…i installed antergos in one partition

  4. Thanks for showing newbies how to install this wonderful distribution.
    I have always been reluctant to install arch from scratch because of the complexity but Antergos is really good. Love AUR and the fast updates. When gnome is updated now I see it live on my laptop before hearing of it on blogs ☺

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