Two Hungarian Universities Switch To EuroOffice To Promote ODF

Two Hungarian Universities Switch To EuroOffice

Two Hungarian universities, Eötvös University and Szeged University, have signed the contract for 34,000 copies of EuroOffice.

EuroOffice is a derivative of Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It is accompanied by a set of free and non-free extensions (in professional license). EuroOffice is developed by Hungarian company MultiRacio and unsurprisingly, it provides great support for Hungarian language.

The EuroOffice will be university staff and students (around 45,000).  The Hungarian government decided to promote the use of EuroOffice and ODF in schools and universities. Since the Hungarian company MultiRacio is involved heavily in ODF specification and works on Officeshots, the contract was awarded to EuroOffice rather than the popular and obvious choice of OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Localisation was also a big factor in the selection of EuroOffice. MultiRacio’s senior software developer cited the following reason:

“Our version comes with many additional functions targeting Hungarian users, including a grammar and spell checker, a hyphenation tool and thesaurus. Its Map Chart adds extra geographic detail on Hungarian territory.

In my opinion, universities are the best place to spread Open Source product. Last time it was French university dumping Adobe Photoshop for Krita and I believe that Eotvos and Szeged won’t be the last.

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  • Here in India, Universities and many other institutions have mandated that all submissions have to be in Word, Excel, Power point etc, though changes are being implemented, but very slowly; people had to go to court to get such mandates changed to ‘any format’. I can bet from personal experience that not even 2-3% of faculty and students know that there are alternate OSs and applications. Linux is a werewolf (for lack of a better word) for most. India can be a very fertile place to show the power of open source.