How To Read MOBI Files On Ubuntu

e-book-amazon-kindleFew days back I downloaded an ebook on ‘how to make games with Python’. I did not notice that the downloaded book was in .mobi file format. When I tried to read the mobi book in Ubuntu with the default document viewer, I got an error that this type of document cannot be opened. This made me go thinking how to read mobi files in Ubuntu. And this is why I came up with this tutorial to help others who are wondering how to open a .mobi book in Ubuntu.

Install FB Reader:

We’ll use a new application to read .mobi files. This application is called FB Reader. It is available as E-Book Reader in Ubuntu Software Center. To install FB Reader, open Ubuntu Software Center and search for FB. And then click on E-Book Reader to install it. If you try finding it with E-Book Reader name, it will be just a waste of time. Don’t ask why.


How to open a MOBI file with FB Reader:

Follow the steps below to open .mobi file with FB Reader:

  1. Go to the mobi file and right click on it and select Open With Other Applications
  2. Now choose Show Other Applicationshow-other-applications
  3. And in here, choose E-Book Reader from the list of available aaplicationOpen Mobi Files

From now onwards when you double click on a .mobi file, it will be opened in FB Reader. Don’t you think the default document reader in Ubuntu should have been potent enough to read various file formats and we need not have to install a new program to read .CBR files or .mobi files? What you say?



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