Fix: Google Chrome Address Bar Fonts Too Big In Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

Since I use several Google services, I always have to install Chrome on Ubuntu.

After a recent Google Chrome update, all of a sudden I started to see weird things in Chrome. The fonts and address bar was extremely large. It was as if I was viewing it in mobile mode on a desktop. Don’t believe me? Check this screenshot:

extra large fonts ubuntu Google chrome

Normally, the fonts are tiny in the full HD display. These big fonts were totally uncomfortable. The browsing experience was horrible with it. After looking on Google Product Forum, I came to know about that it is a bug on their end. Which means an update should be coming to fix this issue. But what can you do in the meanwhile? You cannot just wait for the new update to be available, can you?

Thank fully there is a work around to get rid of this scaled view, temporarily.

Workaround for extra large Chrome in Ubuntu

  • First thing first, close all the instances of Google Chrome. Close the browser. Go to the top panel and exit chrome from there.
  • Open a terminal and use the command below:
    google-chrome –high-dpi-support=1 –force-device-scale-factor=1
  • This will open a new Google Chrome instances in proper scale ratio.

I know this is hardlyΒ a solution but while an update comes to fix this issue, you can at least browse in your favorite web browser. Hope it helps you.

If you want to further improve your browsing experience, I recommend mastering Google Chrome shortcuts and use it more efficiently.

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Abhishek Prakash

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