11 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Google Chrome/Chromium Users Should Know

Brief: Master these Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts for a better, smoother and more productive web browsing experience. A downloadable cheatsheet is also included.

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and there is no denying it. Its open source version Chromium also gets some attention and some Linux distributions now include it as the default web browser.

If you have installed Google Chrome on Ubuntu or any other operating system, you can improve your browsing experience by using Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts. No need to navigate around with your cursor to get things done. Just master these shortcuts, and you’ll even save some time and be more productive.

I am using the term Google Chrome, but these shortcuts are equally applicable to many Chromium-based browsers.

11 Cool Chrome Keyboard shortcuts you should be using

If you are a pro, you might know a few of these Chrome shortcuts already but the chances are that you may still find some hidden gems here. Let’s see.

Keyboard ShortcutsAction
Ctrl+TOpen a new tab
Ctrl+NOpen a new window
Ctrl+Shift+NOpen incognito window
Ctrl+WClose current tab
Ctrl+Shift+TReopen last closed tab
Ctrl+Shift+WClose the window
Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+TabSwitch to right or left tab
Ctrl+LGo to search/address bar
Ctrl+DBookmark the website
Ctrl+HAccess browsing history
Ctrl+JAccess downloads history
Shift+EscOpen Chrome task manager

You can download this list of useful Chrome keyboard shortcut for quick reference.

1. Open a new tab with Ctrl+T

Need to open a new tab? Just press Ctrl and T keys together and you’ll have a new tab opened.

2. Open a new window with Ctrl+N

Too many tabs opened already? Time to open a fresh new window. Use Ctrl and N keys to open a new browser window.

3. Go incognito with Ctrl+Shift+N

Checking flight or hotel prices online? Going incognito might help. Open an incognito window in Chrome with Ctrl+Shift+N.

4. Close a tab with Ctrl+W

Close the current tab with Ctrl and W key. No need to take the mouse to the top and look for the x button.

5. Accidentally closed a tab? Reopen it with Ctrl+Shift+T

This is my favorite Google Chrome shortcut. No more ‘oh crap’ when you close a tab you didn’t mean to. Use the Ctrl+Shift+T and it will open the last closed tab. Keep hitting this key combination and it will keep on bringing the closed tabs.

6. Close the entire browser window with Ctrl+Shift+W

Done with your work? Time to close the entire browser window with all the tabs. Use the keys Ctrl+Shift+W and the browser window will disappear like it never existed.

7. Switch between tabs with Ctrl+Tab

Too many tabs open? You can move to right tab with Ctrl+Tab. Want to move left? Use Ctrl+Shift+Tab. Press these keys repeatedly and you can move between all the open tabs in the current browser window.

You can also use Ctrl+0 till Ctrl+9 to go to one of the first 10 tabs. But this Chrome keyboard shortcut doesn’t work for the 11th tabs onward.

8. Go to the search/address bar with Ctrl+L

Want to type a new URL or search something quickly. You can use Ctrl+L and it will highlight the address bar on the top.

9. Bookmark the current website with Ctrl+D

Found something interesting? Save it in your bookmarks with Ctrl+D keys combination.

10. Go back in history with Ctrl+H

You can open up your browser history with Ctrl+H keys. Search through the history if you are looking for a page visited some time ago or delete something that you don’t want to be seen anymore.

11. See your downloads with Ctrl+J

Pressing the Ctrl+J keys in Chrome will take you to the Downloads page. This page will show you all the downloads action you performed.

Bonus shortcut: Open Chrome task manager with Shift+Esc

Many people don’t even know that there is a task manager in the Chrome browser. Chrome is infamous for eating up your system’s RAM. And when you have plenty of tabs opened, finding the culprit is not easy.

With Chrome task manager, you can see all the open tabs and their system utilization stats. You can also see various hidden processes such as Chrome extensions and other services.

chrometaskmanager 1
Chrome Task Manager

I am going to this table here for a quick reference.

Download Chrome shortcut cheatsheet

I know that mastering keyboard shortcuts depends on habit and you can make it a habit by using it again and again. To help you in this task, I have created this Google Chrome keyboard shortcut cheat sheet.

You can download the below image in PDF form, print it, and put it on your desk. This way you can use practice the shortcuts frequently.

copy of google chrome shortcuts 1
Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

If you are interested in mastering shortcuts, you may also have a look at Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts.

By the way, what’s your favorite Chrome shortcut?

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