10 Amazing Facts About Ubuntu Linux

fun facts about Ubuntu Linux

Brief: On the occasion of Ubuntu’s 12th birthday, I present you 10 unknown facts about Ubuntu.

World’s most widely used Linux distribution, Ubuntu, is turning 12 today. It has been a long but wonderful journey.

12 years back, Linux was a geeks only domain. It was back in the year 2004 when a South African astronaut Mark Shuttleworth started this project to make “Linux for human being”. And since then, the world of Linux has changed forever.

During the last 12 years, Ubuntu made Linux easier with a number of “innovation” (or better implementation). Easy to use graphical installer, Wubi installer, App Stores and what not. Ubuntu has given a number of interesting things to Linux community.

But I am not going to bore you with these things. I would rather list 10 facts of Ubuntu which you would be amazed to know.

10 facts about Ubuntu

Unlike the timeline of 25 years of Linux, these facts are not in a chronological order. I find these facts amusing and I hope that you would too. You might know some of the facts already but no harm in reading them again, isn’t it?

#1: World’s fastest supercomputer runs the Chinese version of Ubuntu. Moreover, Linux runs on 97% of the supercomputers.

#2: Ubuntu is an African word, or rather a philosophy, which means “I am what I am because of who we all are”. Its logo is Circle of Friends which is a representation of three people holding arms, representing a community that supports each other.

#3: As per Distrowatch, there are more than 75 active Linux distributions that are based on Ubuntu. You can read about some less known Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

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#4: Ubuntu follows a strict development schedule. It releases a new stable version every six months, in April and in October. In last 25 stable releases, only one release got delayed. It was Ubuntu 6.06 which was released in June rather than in April.

$5: Each Ubuntu release has a code name made up of two words starting with the same alphabet. These alphabets are incremented in each release. First word of the code name is an adjective and the second word, an endangered species or a mythical character. Read more about Ubuntu release schedule, version name and codenames.

#6: Ubuntu is world’s most popular cloud operating system. No wonder, Microsoft partnered with Canonical (Ubuntu’s parent company) for Microsoft’s own cloud system.

#7: A number of big enterprises use Ubuntu including Uber and Lyft. Search engine giant Google has its own custom Ubuntu called Goobuntu.

#8: Ubuntu is the most used operating system on web servers. Over 20% of the web runs on Ubuntu.

$9: French Police migrated over 80,000 desktops to Ubuntu from Windows and saved over 2 million euro. This was the biggest Ubuntu desktop migration.

#10: There are over a billion devices running Ubuntu, claims Canonical.

Want more facts about Ubuntu Linux and how it is impacting the technical world, watch this video on our YouTube channel:

I hope you liked these facts about Ubuntu Linux. If you have more to add in this list, feel free to use the comment section below. Also, if you liked the article, please share it on social media :)

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Linux is on 100% of Supercomputers now? or is that just 100% of the top 500 fastests supercomputers?


100% of the top 500 fastest supercomputers.

I know nothing about these but using Ubuntu from 2007.


Now you know it :)

the French gendarmerie not police... it's close but not exactly the same... gendarmerie is military...

thanx for ubuntu 16.04 lts as well as for all previous versions. i am very at ease with it!

for many years, ubuntu has been my favorite os. since i'm no computer freak, i prefer the LTS versions.cannot install a new version myself. it is practical, easy etc. i only miss a good pinball game.1

In my opinion the whole talk about unity vs other interface is all virtual talk. The unity is meant to be a clean interface and so it is.

However happy 12th birthday Ubuntu. You are a life saver.

Abhishek Prakash

As a Unity user, I agree. the thing about Linux is that you are not stuck with the default desktop. Don't like Unity, get a different DE. Where else can we get such freedom?

"On the occasion of Ubuntu’s 12h birthday"?

Oh, it's typo.

Abhishek Prakash

Typo corrected :)

I like kubuntu due to its interface. It's more user friendly than Ubuntu to me

Me too, currently Kubuntu 14.04, better than Ubuntu with Cairo Dock.

Thanks for the information.

I do not subscribe to Canonical's 6 monthly release cycle. It may be made one release per year so that there is no tearing hurry to release any half baked software.

There is no doubt that most of the popularity desktop linux has gained is due in no small measure to ease of use of Ubuntu. The normal user, who may be a specialist in her own field would not like to be burdened with learning the intricacies of the command line, just as a person who drives his car may not know/ may not like to know anything about the Carnot or Otto cycle.

Ubuntu has ensured that you need not be an IT person to use the OS just like you need not be an automobile engineer to drive a car.

Abhishek Prakash

The one problem I see with 6 monthly release is that after 9 months, you have to upgrade to a newer version. This is not too comfortable if you have limited internet connection.

I do not understand the intricacies of new versions but is it not possible to provide them as free upgrades to existing distros. For non tech people it is often a horrendous problem to actually get a distro installed. It took me 5 or six tries with lubuntu before by chance I got the daily version on Unetbootin. The thought of having to go through the install argy bargy every six months is enough to put anyone who has any work to do off.

Very enlightening

Abhishek Prakash

You're welcome Muaad :)

Ubuntu was the best...until Unity came. There's no wonder Ubuntu Mate is the second most popular Ubuntu edition today...

It's still Ubuntu, isn't it? :P


It's been 5 years since Unity became the default. I think it's time we start accepting it :)

Sorry but no, I will not accept Unity, I switched to Kubuntu because if Unity. But i do love the fact that anyone can use any DE they want.