9 Unusual Linux Distributions Based on Ubuntu

Ubuntu is undoubtedly the most popular desktop Linux distribution. It has plenty of official variants such as Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Mythbuntu, Ubuntu Gnome etc. Apart from those official Ubuntu variants, Ubuntu has inspired several other Linux distros as well. Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Zorin OS etc are just a few such names.

But then those are mostly the known faces of Ubuntu based distributions. What about the less popular, niche Ubuntu-based Linux that cater to a specific user base? In this article, you’ll see some lesser known Ubuntu based distributions. Some of these strange Linux distributions serve a specific niche while some are borderline stupid.

9 strange Linux distributions based on Ubuntu

1. Poseidon Linux for scientists

Poseidon Linux

Poseidon Linux is an Ubuntu variant for scientists which is developed and maintained by bunch of young scientists from Brazil and Germany. It comes pre-installed with many software related to GIS, Mapping, CAd, 2D/3D modelling, statistics, genetics etc that are often used by professors and scientists.

2. UberStudent for students

UberStudent Linux

The name itself gives the hint. UberStudent is an educational Linux distribution for students and academics. It bundles several learning platforms not found in a typical Linux distro.

3. Vinux for visually impaired people

Vinux Linux for blinds

Vinux is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution catering the needs of blind and partially sighted people. Together with Orca screen reader,  it provides a great support for Braille display.

Frustrated with the default accessibility support provided by mainstream Linux distributions, Tony Sales who teaches at National College for the Blind in Hereford, United Kingdom, decided to develop a Linux distribution specifically for visually impaired.

4. Sabily for Muslim [Discontinued]

Sabily Linux

Linux itself may be a religion for many but there are few Linux distributions focusing on religious people. Sabily is one such Linux distribution for Muslims that comes with applications useful for practicing Muslims such as prayer time tool, Koran study tool etc. It also has good support for the Arabic language.

It has been discontinued.

5. Ubuntu CE for Christians

Ubuntu Christian edition

Continuing with Ubuntu and religion, Ubuntu CE is another Ubuntu-based distribution Christians. CE in its name meant Christian Edition. Apart from providing Ubuntu various Christian software such as Xiphos, OpenLP, Quelea etc., Ubuntu CE also provides an integrated web content parental controls. This is something you can do with OpenDNS in Ubuntu.

6. Ubuntu Satanic for the devil worshipper

Ubuntu Satanic

Lots of talk about god. What about the other side of “the force”? There is an Ubuntu Satanic as well that has a red and dark devilish theme. If you are in heavy metal and such stuff, you may like it.

It’s funny how they have named stuff in Ubuntu Satanic. For example, the live CD is called “undead CD”. It has a range of devil themed wallpapers as well.

Most probably it is not being developed actively. So don’t try to use it as your main Linux distribution.

Oh, don’t try to dual boot Ubuntu Satanic with Ubuntu CE or Sabily. It may be injurious to your system. *winks*

7. Hannah Montana Linux for Miley Cyrus fans

Hannah Montana Linux

Continuing the weird Linux distributions, here is one Kubuntu based Linux for Hannah Montana fans. It primarily aims at luring teenagers towards Linux though I am not sure how many fans Miley Cyrus still has after a sprint of embarrassing/controversial performances.

8. Moeubuntu for Manga fans

Moeubuntu is a Linux distribution for Manga fans

Moeubuntu is a customized version of Ubuntu for Manga and Anime fans. It has its own Manga themed icons, GTK theme, wallpapers and fonts to give you a complete Anime feel.

Given its pink colored theme, I presume that it is intended for female users perhaps. Although I am not sure if this strange Linux distribution has many takers.

9. Mathbuntu for Maths enthusiasts [Discontinued]


Mathbuntu, as the name suggests, is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution that focuses on Mathematicians and maths enthusiast. Mathbuntu aims to provide easy and quick access to the best open source mathematics software available, and the best free textbooks available.

It has been discontinued.

Do you use any unusual Linux distributions?

That concludes this list of strange Linux distributions based on Ubuntu. I know this is not an extensive list and there could be few more as well. Do you have any in the mind? Do mention it in the comment section below. And if you are not content with Ubuntu check these Linux distributions for beginners that are not based on Ubuntu or Debian.

Images: Taken from across the web.

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