Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Released. Download Now!

Brief: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa has been finally released. Here is a quick recap of the new features and the download links for Ubuntu 20.04 and the official flavours for it.

The wait is finally over. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has finally arrived and is available to download!

Ubuntu 20.04 Lts Released

If you were already using Ubuntu 19.10, you may not notice a lot of noticeable differences – but the list of improvements that I’m looking at is indeed impressive.

If you’re curious about what’s new, I’ll mention a few key highlights for this release.

Ubuntu 20.04: What’s new?

Considering the previous 18.04 LTS release, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS involves a lot of visual changes and under-the-hood improvements as well.

Of course, with the addition of GNOME 3.36, a major visual upgrade and the performance improvement is quite obvious. Here’s a video highlighting what’s new in Ubuntu 20.04:

You can also dive into one of our articles highlighting new features of Ubuntu 20.04, if you’re curious.

In either case, let me just give you some highlights:

  • GNOME 3.36 is the default desktop
  • The performance has improved a lot
  • The new Yaru theme is gorgeous, comes in dark mode as well
  • You won’t have to see the Amazon app anymore, it’s gone for good!
  • Improved ZFS support
  • You get the latest Linux Kernel 5.4 (LTS)
  • Adds exFAT support
  • Improved hardware and graphics support
  • GameMode for better gaming performance for compatible games
  • Updated software Python 3.8.2
  • Wireguard is being backported to Linux Kernel 5.4 to be utilized on Ubuntu 20.04

If you want to see the features in detail and in action, please watch this video highlighting the best features of 20.04 LTS:

In case you’re new to Ubuntu and have questions about Ubuntu 20.04, we also have a quick Ubuntu 20.04 FAQ article for you.

Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 from 18.04 and 19.10

If you are already using Ubuntu 18.04 or 19.10, you can easily upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 from within your system.

This way, your files and most of the applications settings remain as it is while you start using the new version without reinstalling it from the ISO.

You can read this detailed tutorial to learn how to upgrade Ubuntu to a newer version.

Please note that if you are using Lubuntu 18.04, you must not upgrade to Lubuntu 20.04. Lubuntu 18.04 used Lxde desktop while later versions use LXQt desktop. Upgrading this way result in conflicts and possible broken system.

Download Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

You can grab the ISO or the torrent file, depending on what you prefer:

Please follow this tutorial to learn how to install Ubuntu.

Download Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Official Flavours

If you want to grab an official flavour of Ubuntu with a different desktop environment, please follow the links below.

You may also download Ubuntu via torrent. If you don’t find the latest ISO/torrent file listed in their respective official sites, simply head to cdimages.ubuntu.com to find all the flavours listed. Next, navigate to the name-of-the-distro -> releases -> 20.04 -> release and then you should find the links to the ISO and the torrent files listed.

If you have questions, please refer to this article that answers frequently asked questions about Ubuntu 20.04. If you are going to install it, do check our recommended things to do after installing Ubuntu 20.04.

Enjoy Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa!

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