Download Google Now Inspired Material Design Desktop Wallpapers

Google Now was a nice feature to have on Android and iOS device several years back. One of the things I liked about Google Now were its wallpapers.

The minimalist, flat approach to these material design wallpapers made them a good eye candy. I think I am not the only one to like those wallpapers, right?

Google Now doesn’t exist anymore like so many other Google products. However, the wallpaper theme it inspired still do.

Thanks to Alex Pasquarella, you can still download beautiful Google Now inspired desktop wallpapers, for free.

You may click the images to make them bigger and see the images clearly. Please note that the images displayed here are compressed to speed up page load but the downloads from the Google Drive have them in HD quality.

As you can see there are mainly four landscapes at four different times of the day namely, dawn, day, dusk and night.

Looks nice, isn’t it?  You can get these wallpapers in high quality from the Google Drive link below:

I do not hold copyright to these wallpapers. They were created by a graphic designer Alex Pasquarella. His website removed the page of these wallpapers, but his work is still available through the Google Drive share. He made it available for free, so you should have no hesitation in using them.

By the way, Alex’s website features plenty of more material designs and you may check them out as well.

If you are interested in wallpapers, you may check out this list of Linux wallpapers that double up as cheat sheets. How cool is that! I mean you can set them as the desktop background and them may even help you memorize Linux commands. Double benefits, right?

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  • Hi,
    Are these Wallpapers open-sourced? Am I allowed to reuse it for commercial purpose on a Mobile App without any legal liabilities?

  • Sure, I am glad you are willing to share all this stuff. So go ahead, go crazy, and don´t worry what other people will or will not like. I appreciate all your work!

  • The default ones in 14.04 are not bad. I’d pass on these though. Still like the 15 stunning sexy ones. Sexist and proud of it. Don’t stop posting different ones. Variety is the spice of life.