Best Blogs Every Linux SysAdmin Must Follow

If you are aspiring to be a SysAdmin or if you already are a SysAdmin, you need to continuously learn tips and tricks. While you learn from your colleagues gradually, you can also learn a lot from websites dedicated specifically to articles concerning SysAdmin tasks.

In this article, I am going to list 5 of the best SysAdmin blogs you should follow.

Best Linux SysAdmin blogs

Best Linux SysAdmin blogs to follow
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Wait a sec! Is It’s FOSS itself doesn’t provide enough material for Linux users including SysAdmins?

I’ll be honest. Not exactly. It’s FOSS is more focused on things around desktop Linux. It strives to make you a better Linux user so that you’ll have a better experience with Linux. You’ll learn about new tools and application, news and learn tips which will surely help you.

But, It’s FOSS is not exclusively focused on sysadmin tasks. And system administration is a vast domain. This is why we will continue our focus on general purpose Linux here on It’s FOSS.

Time and again I get requests to write articles that would help readers become a better Linux sysadmin. After contemplating a lot, we have started a new website focused on the server side of Linux. Our new project is called Linux Handbook. 

Linux Handbook

Linux Handbook is going to cover Linux command line, sysadmin tools, devops tools like Docker, Kubernetes etc, server monitoring tools, various server setup and plenty of useful tips. If you are interested in becoming a better Linux Sysadmin, start following Linux Handbook. 

Since Linux Handbook is still in the early stage, I would like to share the list of best sysadmin blogs with rest of you here. 

5. Unixmen

Unixmen provides you quick tips and how-to tutorials on installing sysadmin tools and configuring them. The writing team has experienced Linux sysadmins and that is apparent in their article.


4. The Geek Stuff

The Geek Stuff is hard work of a single man, Ramesh Natrajan. Ramesh is a seasoned sysadmin with over 17 years of experience. He is the director of IT infrastructure in a healthcare IT company in LA. He has also written helpful books which I included in my article on best free books to learn Linux.

The Geek Stuff covers mainly how-tos, troubleshooting tips and tricks related to Linux and open source technologies. These articles will either teach you or help you resolve a problem.

The Geek Stuff

3. Xmodulo

Like The Geek Stuff, Xmodulo is also pretty much a one-man job by Dan Nanni. Xmodulo shares Linux related FAQs, hands-on tips, and tutorials, with topics like Linux desktop customization, system administration, open-source tools, network security, virtualization, cloud computing. Basically, anything Linux/Open Source related topic Dan finds interesting.

Xmodulo articles are in depth and at the same time, they are also written in a way that could be easily understood even by beginners.


2. Tecmint

Tecmint is managed by a team of experienced system admins. The articles cover how-to, best practices, list of tips, list of best tools, installation and configuration of various Linux and open source tools.

Tecmint has also published eBooks to prepare for Red Hat certification courses.

As a rookie or even as an experienced sysadmin, you’ll find Tecmint articles very helpful in your daily tasks. If you don’t know where to begin, take a look at this page.


1. nixCraft

nixCraft is again a one man job. Vivek Gite, the face behind nixCraft, had created this blog in 2002. Don’t get confused by the weird domain name, perhaps he bought the domain first and later changed the name of the blog to nixCraft.

nixCraft covers practical information on doing things the right way. It has a vast collection of tips, list of best practices and step by step guide on installing and configuring tools used by Unix/Linux sysadmins. All the articles are easy to follow and easy to understand.

Call me biased, if you want, but nixCraft is my favorite among this list of best sysadmin blogs.


What’s your favorite Linux sysadmin blog?

I would also like to mention Digital Ocean Tutorials which I didn’t include in the list of best SysAdmin websites. This portal has some really good, in-depth articles that are contributed by people from across the world. But this is not really a blog and that’s the reason why it was not included in the list here.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me what sysadmin blogs do you follow? List them in the comment sections below and I’ll be happy to expand this list with your suggestions.

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