[Review] Great Little Radio Player For Ubuntu

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Great Little Radio Player LogoGreat Little Radio Player is an internet radio stream player for Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distribution that boasts of over 300 radio stations of different genre from different countries. I came to know about a discussion on Google Plus about which is the best radio streamer for Ubuntu, Great Little Radio Player or Radio Tray.

I have tried Radio Tray before and found it pretty light weight and useful. But the discussion made me try my hands on Great Little Radio Player. Before I share my experience with it, first lets see how to install it:

Install Great Little Radio Player in Ubuntu:

To install Great Little Radio Player, get the respective installer files:

Great Little Radio Player 32 Bit

Great Little Radio Player 64 Bit

These files are in .deb format. You can install it via Ubuntu Software Centre or (better) via Gdebi.


Let’s see what are the plus points in Great Little Radio Player:

  • Over 300 radio station collection with option of adding more stations
  • Easy to use, smart looking GUI. Blends very well in Ubuntu environment
  • Sorting option based on genre and country
  • Option for adding stations to a ‘favourite’ list
  • Playing station in autostart
  • Multiple language support
  • Well integrated in Ubuntu (notifications, launcher, top panel)

Great Little Radio Player Interface


You need to restart the computer after the installation to function it properly. It kept giving me the classic ‘Ubuntu error an internal error has occurred’ whenever I exited the application. Even the icon of the application was incorrect in the launcher. When I used it again after the restart, it was relatively smooth (except for occasional crashes).

It’s not that heavy on resources, though it’s not as light as Radio Tray. It took around 8% of CPU on an average.

There is no integration with Ubuntu sound menu. But then, neither has Radio Tray.

By the way, its name is way too long as well ๐Ÿ˜›


Great Little Radio Player is a nice radio streamer for Ubuntu and has a smart GUI. It has all the features one can expect from a radio player. Besides being not too resource heavy, it provides some new features as well. If you like a radio player with nice interface, you’ll like it. Though for me, I don’t need many things in a radio player and I don’t want it to consume lots of resources (like a regular music player) and this is why I think Radio Tray is a better option (for me).