How To Record Streaming Audio in Ubuntu Linux

Sound Recording in Ubuntu

This is a common question asked by many Ubuntu users. How to record Skype call in Ubuntu? How to record music from streaming internet radio in Ubuntu? How to record audio in Ubuntu? In this article, we’ll see a nice app named “Audio Recorder” that you can use to record any sort of audio in Ubuntu 14.04 (and other versions) as well as other distributions such as Linux Mint.

Audio Recorder is the revamped version of Gnome applet ‘Audio Rec’. It is an easy to use but extremely powerful app that caters to all of your audio recording needs in Ubuntu Unity and Gnome 3. Let’s take a look at the features of Audio Recorder.

Features of Audio Recorder:

Records all kind of sound from all kind of sources:

Audio Recorder records all kind of sound your computer makes. It records audio played through your system’s soundcard, microphones, browsers, webcams and more. In other words; it records even if your system sneezes (given that you want to record it). It gives you the option of selecting the recording device such as webcam, microphone, Skype etc.

To record the streaming music, select the appropriate source. For example, if you are playing streaming radio in Rhythmbox then select Rythmbox.

Audio Recorder: Record Audio In Ubuntu Linux

Record at your own convenience:

Audio Recorder also gives you the option of setting timer. You can start, stop or pause recording at a given clock time or at a defined interval of time. You can also set the limit on the recorded file size. Moreover, you can choose to pause (and stop) when their is no audio (or very low sound) and resume it when sound comes back. All you have to do is to edit the text in the Timer panel. Comment out the “rules” that you don’t want to apply and edit the one as per your requirement.

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Audio Recorder: Record Audio In Ubuntu Linux

Save the recorded music file in various file format:

Another gem. You can save the recorded file in your favourite file format. Supported type of file format are OGG audio, Flac, MP3, SPX and WAV. You can choose whichever format you prefer. For a good quality recording, MP3 is ideal. The saved files are stored in ~/Audio i.e. Home-><Username> directory.

Audio Recorder: Record Audio In Ubuntu Linux

How to install Audio Recorder in Ubuntu based Linux distributions:

You can use a PPA to install Audio Recorder in Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Use the following commands in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:audio-recorder/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install audio-recorder

Alternatively, you can download the source code from launchpad. Once installed, you can start the application from Unity Dash.

Audio Recorder: Record Audio In Ubuntu Linux

How good is Audio Recorder?

I used Audio Recorder in Ubuntu 14.04 to record the music played on YouTube. I saved a 2 minute video in MP3 format that took 934 KB of space. But I must stay I was not expecting the recorded sound quality to be so good. Honestly, I could not distinguish it from the original YouTube song.

So, if you looking for a way to record sound in Ubuntu, Audio Recorder is definitely one of the must-have Linux applications for all your audio recording needs. How do you find Audio Recorder? Do let me know. :)

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Nevermind, the ppa changed

I got an error. I have Ubuntu 16.04.

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install audio-recorder
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package audio-recorder

Thank you for all your hard work making these tutorials. I'm using the KXStudio DE for Ubuntu 14.04.2; Ubuntu 16 has problems with Audacity, so I'm standing pat on Trusty until 18 is released. In the meantime: How does Audio Recorder compare to the JACK Render tool in the Catia patch-bay app?

Yes, it's really good. I was looking for a long time for something like this . It is able to record all the Skype conversation and this is very convenient for students that are having class by Skype. They can record all the class and listen to it further.

Gangsar Swa Purba

yes, it works!

Thanks for the help, excelent work.

Thanks much; just what i was searching for. :D

$ arecord -f cd output.raw

$ aplay output.raw


OMG, I could just hug you... After using your tutorial for my first RasPi media center build you've come to my rescue again. I am a newbie piano student and love listening and recording the professionals on youtube, gives me something to aspire to. The speakers on my laptop died and not quite ready to replace it I was searching for software to extract sound directly from the sound card when I ran across this article. Not thinking it would work I tried it anyway and after several different settings and just about to quit, I opened it up again in Audacity and there was a sound wave!


It works as it should be many thanks for it. And all best for you Abhisherk good work.



dunno how I've done it but Audio Recorder starts automatically when I boot Mint. How do I stop it from doing that?
Thanks, Ian

Go to 'audio settings > additional settings > auto-start this app at login

I have the same problem and I know I did not do anything to choose this action. Why is this starting automatically?

I have the same problem with Mint.

Hi Abishek, what a great sound recorder. Just one question, can it be made to record off a music stream, and record each track as a separate file? I know it can eliminate silence in an audio stream, but I'm assuming that when it starts recording again (after a silence) it continues with the same file. I'd also like to be able to hit the record button (or shortcut) half way through a track and have it record the whole track from the beginning. Am I asking too much?...

Artur Gavrilkevich

Record ONLY Built-in Audio Analog Stereo (Microphone) or Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo. Unfortunately you can chose only ONE of them, but I want both sources (.

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