$2400 Valued Introduction To Linux Course Is Available For Free On edX

Introduction to Linux edX

Probably you have already heard it. Linux Foundation has tied up with edX (a major online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard University) to provide its Introduction to Linux course, which usually costs $2400, for free. edX has over 200 courses from over 50 elite universities, corporations and organizations worldwide. Over 2.5 million users […]

Install Pandora Linux Client Pithos In Ubuntu 14.04

Pandora client for Linux Pithos

If you are a fan of streaming music and internet Radio, you must have heard of Pandora. Pandora is the one of the most popular streaming music services in USA. While Pandora can be easily access via web browser, you can also install an unofficial desktop application for Linux, Pithos. Pithos is lightweight and integrates well […]