How To Install Copy In Ubuntu 14.04 & Linux Mint 17

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Install Copy in Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17

This article shows you how to install Copy cloud service client in Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04 and other Linux distributions based on these. That means, it should work for Linux Mint 17, elementary OS Freya etc.

After the shut down of Ubuntu One, Dropbox (referral link) is the only major personal (and professional) cloud storage provider with native Linux support. While Dropbox is undoubtedly an excellent cloud service, it provides very limited storage (2 GB) in its free version.

Another good alternative to Dropbox for Linux could have been Google Drive with its 15 GB free storage but it has no official desktop client for Linux. Of course you can use alternatives like SyncDrive etc but those are not official apps.

Don’t be despaired. A nice alternative to Ubuntu One and Dropbox in Linux is Copy (referral link) which provides 15 GB of free storage for personal users. Copy entered the market in 2013 with its beta version. It is now stable and provides support for all major platforms such Windows, iOS, OS X, Linux etc. Let’s see how to install Copy cloud service in Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17.

Install Copy in Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17 via PPA

Open a terminal and use the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:paolorotolo/copy
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install copy

Install Copy in other Linux distributions

While this could be easily done in terminal, we shall be using GUI way to ease the process for beginners.

  • Go to Copy website and download the compressed file which contains the installer for both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture.
  • Extract the downloaded file. Go to the extracted folder named Copy. You should see some folders. If your OS is 32 bit enter x86 and if it is 64 bit, enter x86_64. Read this tutorial to find out if you are using 32 bit or 64 bit Ubuntu.
    Install Copy in Ubuntu 14.04
  • In the respective folders, look for a file named CopyAgent. This is the executable. Double click on it to install Copy.

That’s it. You will see the option of entering your credentials in next screen:

Copy cloud in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Just like Dropbox, Copy too has an applet indicator that provides you a quick status of synchronization.


As mentioned earlier, you’ll get 15 GB of free storage. You can get more free storage by referring Copy to your friends. You’ll get 5 Gb of additional storage for each person. The other person joining with your link will also get 5 GB in extra i.e. 20 GB instead of the usual 15 GB. Similar to Copy, you can also use MEGA cloud service which gives 50 GB of free storage for start.

So what are you waiting for? Register for Copy today. You can use my referral link for a mutual benefit of extra 5 GB.

  • Pablo

    How about integration with unity? I’v tried this couple months ago and there wasn’t any working indicator nor integration with nautilus.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Integration with Nautilus is not very good. It does not have flags similar to Dropbox to show whether its been synced or not. The indicator is there but it seems to be broken for now as it doesn’t tell anything about how much space is used etc. It still seems to be in beta.

  • Raymond

    Stay away from Copy if you care about reliable syncing.

    See this thread that Copy’s devs are ignoring

    • Abhishek Prakash

      I don’t have document as such in it for now. I used it to store photos and it worked fine. Thanks for the warning, i’ll re-test it with documents files as well.

    • Nathaniel Webb

      Same issue- sometimes files simply don’t appear on my windows machines.

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  • Rick Disheroon

    I guess I’m dumb as rocks. I installed the PPA, but now what? I don’t know where it is, or??

    • Rick Disheroon

      Oh, I’m running Ubuntu 14.04

      • Abhishek Prakash

        You can search for it Unity Dash. Press Windows key, search for Copy, you will see the Copy icon. Just click on it to run it for the first time. Later, it will run at each start up.

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