[Year 2013 For Linux] 2 Linux Distributions Discontinued

Dead Linux Killed

In the first of Year 2013 For Linux series, we saw fourteen new Linux distributions that had their first stable release in 2013. In this article we shall see the Linux distributions which will no longer be developed. Call it a good news as there are only two Linux distributions which will be discontinued. Lets have a look at these newly dead Linux distributions:


Fuduntu Logo

As the name indicates, Fuduntu was a Linux distribution based on Fedora but designed to fall between Fedora and Ubuntu. Fuduntu project was headed by Fewt, the guy behind Jupiter application. A Linux distribution focused on Netbooks, Fuduntu was decided to be discontinued in April 2013. Most of the Fuduntu team moved to work on OpenSUSE based Cloverleaf Linux distribution.


SolusOS will no longer be developed

SolusOS, a Debian based beginner friendly Linus distribution was discontinued in October 2013. Even the website and the forums are no longer available. SolusOS founder Ikey Doherty cited lack of man power the reason for the discontinuation. Source code of SolusOS is available at Github and anyone who wishes to fork SolusOS can freely do so.

Was any other Linux distribution deprecated in 2013? I can think of no other distribution, can you?

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  • Many thanks for your articles! Truly fab. I was wondering – is the Linux “ecosystem” one in which a foundational OS is installed, to be built upon subsequently. If so, then am I right in assuming Ubuntu and / or Debian are the first ports of call? And is it possible to install a dual boot? I have a souped-up ASUS laptop to use : I want to jettison Windows-10. If I install Ubuntu alongside Debian, am I able then to use any single distro or even a distro combination? I’m certainly intrigued by this whole concept. Many thanks again for a great article!

    • Fuduntu aimed to be a an Ubuntu like (easy to use, for beginners) Linux distro but based on Fedora. Unfortunately, it did not get that popular.