Install Xtreme Download Manager (XDM) on Linux

Xtreme Download Manager, unarguably one of the best download managers for Linux, has a new version named XDM 2018 which brings a fresh new look to it.

Xtreme Download Manager, also known as XDM or XDMAN, is a popular cross-platform download manager available for Linux, Windows and macOS. 

It is also compatible with all major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari enabling you to download directly from XDM when you try to download something in your web browser.

Applications such as XDM are particularly useful when you have slow/limited network connectivity and you need to manage your downloads. Imagine downloading a huge file from the internet on a slow network. What if you could pause and resume the download at will? XDM helps you in such situations.

Some of the main features of XDM are:

  • Pause and resume download
  • Download videos from YouTube and other video sites
  • Force assemble
  • Download speed acceleration
  • Schedule downloads
  • Limit download speed
  • Web browser integration
  • Support for proxy servers

Install Xtreme Download Manager in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions


To install the latest version of Xtreme Download Manager on Ubuntu or on other Linux distributions, download it from the link below:

You’ll find both 32-bit or 64-bit version here. Based on whether your system is 32 or 64-bit, download the appropriate file.

Xdm Download Linux
Download XDM

Once downloaded, extract the .tar.xz folder. You can simply write click on it and choose the extract option.

You’ll see a file in the extracted folder. You need to run this file with sudo. I hope you are acquainted with basic Linux commands.

Go to the directory first:

cd ~/Downloads/xdm*

Now run the installer script and follow the instrcution:

sudo ./

That’s it. Enjoy Xtreme Download Manager on Linux.

Uninstall XDM from Linux

When you install XDM by running the shell script, it installs the files in /opt/xdman location. It also creates an uninstall shell script in this location.

To uninstall run /opt/xdman/ as root like this:

sudo /opt/xdman/

This should take care of removing Xtreme Download Manager from Linux. Enjoy.

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