Ubuntu 13.10 Codenamed Saucy Salamander. Will It Be Rolling Release?

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander

Ubuntu 13.04 has been released to bring lots of eye candy and some performance improvement along with other features. As far as the next version is concerned, Ubuntu 13.10 has been codenamed as Saucy Salamander. Salamander is a lizard like amphibian which is on the verge of being extinct. There are many varieties of Salamander and one of them looks like this:

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander

Mark Shuttleworth gave the following explanation of choosing this codename:

The salamander is one of nature’s most magical creatures; they are a strong indicator of a pristine environment, which is a fitting way to describe the new world emerging around Ubuntu Touch – new applications, a new SDK, a gorgeous clean interface. You’ll find salamanders swimming in clear, clean upstreams – which is exactly what’s forming around Ubuntu’s mobile ecosystem.

If you ever wondered why Ubuntu is named like Salamander, Ringtail etc, you should read this article explaining the Ubuntu naming system.

Rolling Release?

The rumors about Ubuntu opting for rolling release distribution system has been again fanned by Mark Shuttleworth himself. Mark wrote on his blog:

In the work to underpin a rolling release, we made huge strides in automated quality assessment and performance testing. From here on our, I’m going to treat the cutting edge of Ubuntu as a rolling release, because the team have done such an amazing job of making daily quality a reality. That’s a value that we have all adopted, and the project is much better off for it.

What do you think of Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander? Is it a good decision to opt for rolling release?? Do share your views.


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