TripleA - An Open Source Strategy Game to Keep You Busy for Hours

One complaint you often hear leveled against Linux is the lack of games. The truth is Linux has a number of fun and engaging games that are often overlooked. TripleA is one such game.

In the Beginning

TripleA was first created by Sean Bridges in October 2001. It was created by Sean Bridges to show to potential employers. It helped Sean get a job when he demoed version 0.1 to a prospective employer. development slowed because of Sean’s new job. However, many people have helped contribute to the project and make it what it is today.

TripleA Open Source strategy game

What is TripleA?

If you have ever played a strategy board game like Risk or Allies and Axis, then you’ll know how to play TripleA. It is basically an engine that allows you to play multiple games using different maps.

Each game has a certain number of sides. Each side is given a turn to plan attacks, buy troops, place new troops, and move troops. Combat is resolved via dice.

You have the option to download a bunch of maps. These maps cover different types of games. Some games have a historical setting, such as Neapolitan Wars, World War II, Cold War, Punic Wars, early Japan and more. It also includes Science fiction and fantasy based maps like Star Wars, Zombieland, and Lord of the Rings.

There are a number of opponents you can choose from. You can play local games against various levels of AI. You can also against other people by email or direction connection.

One neat feature is that the game keeps track of all the movements in the game, so you can go back and review strategy and troop movement.

You can read the rules for TripleA in detail here.

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New and Easy Installer for TripleA

The team behind TripleA recently delivered a new major release series This release brought with it a series of games upgrades, but also a new installer scheme. Previously, in order to play TripleA on Linux or Mac, you have to download the zip file, unpack it and use a terminal command to play the game.

The new release simplifies everything by including a proper installer. Now all you need to do is, download the .sh file, make it executable and you can run the installer. When it’s done, you’ll have a menu entry for TripleA. (Note: TripleA needs Java 8 or later to run properly. Oracle JREs are recommended because sound doesn’t always work with OpenJRE.)

Download TripleA Game

A few tips and tricks for playing TripleA

TripleA game maps

I’ve played a few games of TripleA and I’ve learned a few things. And I’ll share them with you so that you get a good grip on it.

  • First, since TripleA is a turn based game, it can take a while before your turn comes around against. So, it’s a good idea to make notes about your strategy. For example, I was playing a Germany during World War II and I wanted to move troops into Finland to open a second front against the Russian. For two turns I totally forgot and continued to get slaughtered on the Eastern Front. Write down your battle plans or you’ll kick yourself for missing opportunity after opportunity.
  • Second, each turn you can purchase units. Units can only be placed on territories that have a factory. As your borders expand, they get farther way from your factories and it takes longer to get troops to the fighting. So keep your factories close to the fighting. Factories can be purchased where you purchase the other units. However, they cannot be placed on newly conquer territory.
  • Third, don’t spread yourself too thin. Overconfidence is your greatest enemy in this game. There are times when it seems like a good idea to use a single unit to capture an enemy territory that doesn’t have any troops on it. In the next turn, a larger enemy force will retake that territory and grab a couple of your undefended territories besides.
  • Fourth, you can let the game play itself. If you set all the players to AI and hit start, the game will run without you. It’s fun to watch the computer fight itself as it tries to conquer Europe or Asia.

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Final Thoughts on TripleA game

TripleA might not be a fast paced first person shooter, but it’s still pretty fun. You’ll love it if you are fan of turn based strategy or board games.

It’s one of my favorite games to start and waste hours are a time. Since it’s cross-platform, I can play it on both my Linux and Windows machines. I would give it three out of three stars.

That being said, this game is not for everyone. There’s only one way to find out if this game is your cup of tea or now. Download it and play it.

Have you ever played TripleA? Did you like it? What is your favorite Linux game?

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