How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Ubuntu Phone

How to transfer contacts from Android to Ubuntu Phone

If you bought yourself an Ubuntu Phone, you might be wondering about how to transfer contacts from Android to Ubuntu Phone.

While it may not seem obvious but it is fairly easy to import contacts in Ubuntu Phone. There are actually three ways you could import contacts in Ubuntu Phone:

  • import contacts from your Google account
  • import contacts from SIM (Yes, this feature works now)
  • import contacts from .vcf (vCard) file

In this tutorial we shall see the last part and that is to import contacts from .vcf file. It’s not that you cannot or you should not use the other two methods. If you are not a Google fan or if you have separated your phone contacts from your email, you might not like the first method.

For the second method, SIM cards usually have tiny memory and if you have a huge contact list, your SIM card might not be able to hold all your contacts.

If you have carefully preserved your contact list, the best way is to use the third method which is using .vcf file. For your information, VCF files are used to store contact information. It is a universally accepted file format.

Import contacts from Android or iPhone to Ubuntu Phone

All you need to do is to export your existing Android (or iPhone) contacts to .vcf format. Transfer this .vcf file to Ubuntu Phone (via USB transfer, email or by any means possible), open this .vcf file (it opens in Contacts app by default) and import the contacts.

Don’t worry. I am going to show you with screenshots.

Step 1: Export your Android or iPhone contacts to .vcf file

On Android:

  • Go to contacts
  • Click on the settings option
  • Select export to SD card/storage device

You can follow this screenshot tutorial if you need further help in exporting the contacts. Normally, the file should be exported to storage device (or where ever you chose to store it).

For iPhone, you can follow this tutorial.

Step 2: Transfer the .vcf file to Ubuntu Phone

There are several ways you could transfer the vCard file. You can use USB cable and transfer from Android to PC and from PC to Ubuntu Phone via USB cable. You can use File Manager app to open files in Ubuntu Phone.

Or, you could simply email this .vcf file, even to yourself. You need an email client to be installed on Ubuntu Phone. If you are using Gmail, prefer to install the Gmail app from Ubuntu Store.

Whatever may be the way, just get the .vcf file. Double click to open it. It will give option to open the file with Contacts. Select it and it will start importing the contacts.

It will take only few seconds to have it imported. You will be notified of the competition and then you will see all your contacts in Ubuntu Phone.

And that’s all you needed to transfer contacts to Ubuntu Phone. I hope you find the tutorial helpful.

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  • I tried this method but it seems to be wrong. Please let me know how it works and had you tried really. Thank you

  • open the .vcf file I get something like:

    “There are no installed apps that can handle this file” How can it be Rectified .

  • Hi, when I try to open the .vcf file I get something like:

    “There are no installed apps that can handle this file”

    Do you have any idea of what is going on?


    • I had the same issue and it was due to the wrong format of the .vcf file. I solved it by editing the file with a text editor on my laptop: what it was needed was to put a newline in between two different contacts. Then import it to my phone and it worked!

    • Had same issue: used MCbackup on android phone sent contacts via email to my ubuntu phone, then you can open attachment with contact.