Square 2.0 Icon Pack Is Twice More Beautiful

Install Square icon v 2.0 in Linux

Elegant, modern looking Square icon theme has recently been upgraded to version 2.0, which makes it more beautiful than ever. Square icon packs are compatible with all major desktop environments such as Unity, GNOME, KDE, MATE etc. Which means that you can use them for all popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, elementary OS etc. The vastness of this icon pack can be estimated from the fact it contains over 15,000 icons.

Install and use Square icon pack 2.0 in Linux

There are two variants of Square icons, dark and light. Based on your preference, you can choose either of the two. For experimentation sake, I would advise you to download both variants of the icon theme.

You can download the icon pack from the link below. The files are stored in Google Drive, so don’t be suspicious if you don’t see a standard website like SourceForge.

Square Dark Icons Square Light Icons

To use the icon theme, extract the downloaded files in ~/.icons directory. If this doesn’t exist, create it. Once you have the files in the right place, based on your desktop environment, use a tool to change the icon theme. I have written some small tutorials in the past on this topic. Feel free to refer to them if you need further help:

Give it a try

Here is what my Ubuntu 14.04 looks like with Square icons. I am using Ubuntu 15.04 default wallpaper in the background.

Square Icons in desktop Linux

A quick look at several icons in the Square theme:

Square icons v 2.0

How do you find it? Do you think it can be considered as one of the best icon themes for Ubuntu? Do share your thoughts and stay tuned for more articles on customizing your Linux desktop.

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  • Nice icons but it seems that these aren’t possible to use in other distros xcept ubuntu.
    Ubuntu matehas problem with flickering mate-panel with this theme and elementary freya has problem with for example: “x” button on the window is like half of the screen.

    How about, as you’d write about this awsome icon theme, you can now write about how to solve this problems ?

    I think that readers of this article would appreciate it.

  • when I added it to Elementary Freya the close, back and forward buttons took almost like half the screen… did anyone run into such a problem ?