Oranchelo Is A Fresh, Flat And Fabulous Icon Theme For Linux

Brief: This article shows you how to install Oranchelo icon theme on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other Linux distributions.

If you remember the list of best icon themes for Ubuntu 16.04, you might have noticed that most of the icon themes were flat. It’s the design trend and I must admit that flat is fab.

Numix icon theme has ruled this domain for last few years but as it seems that the Numix developers are busy with other projects, there are new icon themes getting noticed and gaining popularity. Arc theme is one such example. It is now the default theme in some Linux distributions including Apricity OS.

One such ‘new’ icon theme that caught my eye is Oranchelo. It’s flat as well and looks absolutely charming. Just have a look at some sample icons:

Oranchelo Icons them

Install Oranchelo icon theme in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Installing Oranchelo icon theme in Ubuntu and Linux Mint is really easy, thanks to its official PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oranchelo/oranchelo-icon-theme
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oranchelo-icon-theme

Install Oranchelo icon theme in Arch based Linux distributions

You can install Oranchelo in Arch based Linux distros from AUR using the command below:

yaourt oranchelo-icon-theme-git

For other distributions or source code, you can go to the theme page:

I hope you know how to change icon theme in Linux Mint. For Ubuntu Unity, you can refer to this article to see how to change icon themes in Ubuntu.

To uninstall the Oranchelo icon theme installed via PPA, use the commands below:

sudo apt-get remove oranchelo-icon-theme
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:oranchelo/oranchelo-icon-theme

If you installed it via .deb file, you can uninstall it from the Software Center.

This is what Oranchelo icon theme look like on my Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon:

Oranchelo icon theme for Linux Mint

Cinnamon looks prettier, isn’t it? How do you like Oranchelo?

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  • Hello Abhishek,
    Just wish to send a message to the maker that the newest update with the blue flat icons looks very good. However, it would be great if we could choose between the previous packages with colorful icons. Those icons are better for the eyes if we look the screen hours and hous each day.