Huawei’s Linux Distribution openEuler is Available Now!

Huawei offers a CentOS based enterprise Linux distribution called EulerOS. Recently, Huawei has released a community edition of EulerOS called openEuler.

The source code of openEuler is released as well. You won’t find it on Microsoft owned GitHub – the source code is available at Gitee, a Chinese alternative of GitHub.

There are two separate repositories, one for the source code and the other as a package source to store software packages that help to build the OS.

Openeuler Website

The openEuler infrastructure team shared their experience to make the source code available:

We are very excited at this moment. It was hard to imagine that we will manage thousands of repositories. And to ensure that they can be compiled successfully, we would like to thank all those who participated in contributing

openEuler is a Linux distribution based on CentOS

Like EulerOS, openEuler OS is also based on CentOS but is further developed by Huawei Technologies for enterprise applications.

It is tailored for ARM64 architecture servers and Huawei claims to have made changes to boost its performance. You can read more about it at Huawei’s dev blog.

Openeuler Gitee

At the moment, as per the official openEuler announcement, there are more than 50 contributors with nearly 600 commits for openEuler.

The contributors made it possible to make the source code available to the community.

It is also worth noting that the repositories also include two new projects (or sub-projects) associated with it, iSulad and A-Tune.

A-Tune is an AI-based OS tuning software and iSulad is a lightweight container runtime daemon that is designed for IoT and Cloud infrastructure, as mentioned on Gitee.

Also, the official announcement post mentioned that these systems are built on the Huawei Cloud through script automation. So, that is definitely something interesting.

Downloading openEuler


As of now, you won’t find the documentation for it in English – so you will have to wait for it or choose to help them with the documentation.

You can download the ISO directly from its official website to test it out:

What do you think of Huawei openEuler?

As per cnTechPost, Huawei had announced that EulerOS would become open source under the new name openEuler.

At this point, it’s not clear if openEuler is replacing EulerOS or both will exist together like CentOS (community edition) and Red Hat (commercial edition).

I haven’t tested it yet so I cannot say if openEuler is suitable for English speaking users or not.

My teammate Abhishek tried to use openEuler but the ISO provided on their website is not suitable for making a bootable USB. This is the error it shows:

openEuler Linux ISO
The openEuler ISO doesn’t work properly

An incomplete website, broken ISO. It seems Huawei was in too much of a hurry and didn’t prepare things very well.

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Are you willing to give this a try? In case you managed to try it out, feel free to let me know your experience with it in the comments below.

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  • I imagine this is due to the US trade prohibition on its companies. Does this mean that Hwawei would drop this project if the prohibition was lifted?
    Also I thought Linux was already big in China and that there already was a Linux distribution pushed by the Chinese ministry of education or something like that. Was I completely mistaken?

  • I did download it and tried to run in my VB . However it did not allow to be running in VB? Looks indeed something not right, or would the intel CPU not be accepted as I read it was for ARM?

  • Chinese citizen here. Plz don’t use Huawei’s product if you truly care about freedom. They’re collaborating with the totalitarian government. I understand that America has something like NSA, FBI etc. spying on citizens, but they’re not remotely comparable to those in China. You have the freedom we can only dream of, and plz do cherish it.

    • a lie is being told 1000 times, it will become a truth? NO.
      Good guy, you have full freedom be spied by US

    • Looking at all the downvotes here, pretty sad and pathetic for you subhumans who feel the need to shill out for such a totalitarian government. I hope your precious dictators give you what you deserve by throwing you all in mass grave.

  • Not touching any Chinese software at all, it’s over 3 gigs so you know theres trackers and rubbish built in to the thing, and whats with the telemetry call backs? Oh yes, they’re sending more info about you to their bosses what a surprise. Even Windows wasn’t as bad as this stuff they sent back.