FOSS Weekly #23.31: EasyOS Distro, New GNOME Features, Compiz and More

GNOME's proposed new features, MX Linux and ZorinOS releases, Compiz demystified and other regular elements.
Warp Terminal

There are nearly 2,000 articles on It's FOSS. It's impossible to display them all on the homepage and sometimes you won't even know that we have covered the topic you are looking for.

This is why I am collecting useful tips and tutorials on a single topic and put them at a place where you can easily find them.

One such example is this article on Ubuntu's repository mechanism. I have collected various tutorials and explainers related to Ubuntu's repository management and streamlined them in a course-like sequence.

I hope you like these resource articles.

💬 Let's see what else you get in this edition of FOSS Weekly:

  • GNOME has some neat updates in the pipeline
  • New releases of MX Linux and Zorin OS
  • First look at easyOS Linux distro
  • And other Linux news, videos, Puzzles and, of course, memes!

📰 Linux news

As one of the most beautiful Linux distributions, Zorin OS's new release features a few key improvements.

Zorin OS 16.3 Release Features a New Upgrade App and Other Changes
Zorin OS 16.3 is a point release with necessary updates.

🧠 What we’re thinking about

A very concerning revelation has been made, where it was found that almost 40% of the Ubuntu user base is vulnerable to new privilege elevation flaws.

Almost 40% of Ubuntu users vulnerable to new privilege elevation flaws
Two Linux vulnerabilities introduced recently into the Ubuntu kernel create the potential for unprivileged local users to gain elevated privileges on a massive number of devices.

🧮 Tips and Tutorials

The penultimate chapter in the Bash Basics series is all about loops.

Bash Basics #8: For, While and Until Loops
In the penultimate chapter of the Bash Basics series, learn about for, while and until loops.

Ever wondered where the color comes from in the ls command output?

Colored Output for ls Command: What do They Mean?
Wondering what are those colors in the ls command output? Where do they come from and how to set it? This article answers it all.

Bill takes a look at Compiz in this Jargon Buster article.

What is Compiz in Linux?
You’ll hear the term Compiz in Linux discussions. Get familiar with Compiz in this brief overview.

📹 What we are watching

You can now install and test the latest RUST-based Cosmic desktop on Pop!_OS.

✨ Project highlights

A new experimental distro in active development

EasyOS: An Experimental Distro With Unique Qualities
EasyOS may not be for everyone, but it is an exciting distro to check out.

🧩 Puzzle (for Pro members only)

In this puzzle, you'll discover various unique and self-standing Linux distributions that are not based on any other. Your mission is to label each distribution with its correct name based on the provided hints and illustrations.

Puzzle of The Week: Label This #01: Identify Distros
Exercise those ‘little gray cells’ of yours and solve this puzzle.

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Humble Tech Book Bundle: DevOps 2023 by O’Reilly
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💡 Quick handy tip

In GNOME, you can use the Media Controls extension to get a preview of what's being played and quickly control it.

It works even for videos playing in a web browser tab.

Media Control GNOME Extension

🤣 Meme of the week

Learn to count, maybe?

🗓️ Tech Trivia

openSUSE project will be turning 18 on 9th August. Here's some root beer to celebrate the occasion.

openSUSE beer

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 FOSSverse corner

An interesting discussion about whether or not a Ph.D. in IT is a good idea. Any suggestions?

PhD in Information Technology
Has anyone ever come across someone with one of these? Seriously considering obtaining one after I finish my bachelors as part of a masters/phd program… (cue the doc jokes … lol)

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