N1: The Next Generation Open Source Email Client

N1 Open Source email client

When we talk of email clients for Linux, generally the name of Thunderbird, Geary and Evolution come to our mind. To challenge the authority of these big players, a new open source email client is entering the market.

Design plus features

N1 is the next generation open source email client which has equal focus on design and features. An open source software, N1 is available for Linux and Mac OS X with a Windows desktop application in the pipeline.

N1 promotes itself as “extensible open source email client” because it includes a JavaScript plugin architecture that enables anyone to create powerful new features. Extensibility is a heavily popular feature that helped open source code editor Atom to gain popularity. N1 is also putting emphasis on it.

Apart from extensibility, N1 has also focused on the looks and design of the application. A look at the screenshot of N1 is a good enough example:

N1 Open Source email client on Mac OS X
N1 email client on Mac OS X. Picture Credit: N1

In other features, N1 is compatible with hundreds of email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange etc. Desktop app provides offline capability.

For now, invite only

I don’t know why everyone is following OnePlus’ “exclusive invite only” marketing strategy? At present, N1 desktop app can be downloaded only when you are invited. You can request an invite using the link below. N1 team will email you the download link in a few days.

Request an invite for N1


I am not a big fan of desktop email clients, but N1 has definitely caught my attention and I am willing to give it a try. Maybe later we can count among the best email clients for Linux. How about you?

Update: N1 is now known as Nylas Mail and is available for free for everyone.

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  • I’m with you on not liking desktop email clients. I’ve never used on and wasn’t planning to. However, I’m becoming increasingly annoyed with those ‘mailto:’ links that keep launching my default email client so I’m willing to give N1 a chance – who knows.. maybe I’ve been missing out this entire time.

  • It works for me, I’m using Ubuntu 15.10 64 bits. Works very fast, the display is modern and comfortable, only thing I regret is that it doesn’t have a contact manager.

  • Well, it’s nice. I like it. I do like desktop email clients. Great interface a real step away from Thunderbird. It’s functionallity is great. It sends and recieves email well and deals with attachments well too. Biggest draw back for me is the lack of contact management, Geary is the same. I’d use N1 or Geary at a drop of a hat over Thunderbird if they had contact management, but for me this is THE deal breaker, shame.

    • N1 is constantly being developed and new features are being added as they mentioned in their last newsletter. I hope that better contact management will come to it in future.

      I also advise to put up your suggestion to the N1 team, by email or by social media. This way they would know what the end user wants.