Markets: An Open-Source App to Keep Track of Your Investments for Linux Desktop and Phones

Brief: A Linux app to help you quickly track market movements.

Usually, you would log in to a service on your web browser to monitor and track the market for investment opportunities if you’re an investor/trader.

But, what if you want an app for your Linux desktop and Linux phone? Considering we do have a few for Android/iOS smartphones, it should come in handy for Linux devices as well!

Monitor Stocks From Across the Globe via Yahoo Finance


“Markets” utilizes the data from Yahoo Finance to provide you the required information about stocks, cryptocurrencies, currencies, and more.

While it is a simple desktop-focused app, it is available for Linux smartphones, and it offers a couple of valuable functionalities. Let me list the key highlights of what you can expect.

markets search

Features of Markets

With Markets, you get to track, monitor, and analyze market trends and make investment decisions.

There are a couple of features along the way that include:

  • Ability to customize the update interval
  • Build a personal portfolio
  • Add any symbol or currency
  • View time in international format
  • Dark mode
  • Supports Linux phones (PinePhone, Librem5)
  • Selectively delete stock monitors

As mentioned previously, it is a dead-simple Linux application to help you track financial data.

markets dark mode

And, I’d say it works pretty well and lets you quickly search for a stock, commodity, and others to build a personal portfolio on your Linux desktop quickly.

With a dark mode, it is a breeze to look at it and track market movements.

You can select from the existing list of markets added and delete as per your selection. And, the international time format is useful. As you can notice in the screenshot, the time mentions the timezone you’re at by default, which should be useful.

Also, from the listings, you can click on it to launch the browser window for full details on Yahoo Finance; this is how it’ll look like:

yahoo tesla

Installing Markets in Linux

It is available as a Flatpak app for Linux distributions and can be found in AUR for Arch users. For Linux phones, they recommend installing it from the source.

To install it from the terminal, you just need to type in:

flatpak install flathub com.bitstower.Markets

You can explorer building instructions and other information on their GitHub page.

Do you prefer to use an app on your Linux desktop to track financial data quickly? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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