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Strikethrough Text in Markdown

Learn how to write strikethrough text using Markdown syntax in this quick tip.

Markdown is an excellent markup language and you can create all kinds of formatted text in it.

Adding strikethrough text in Markdown is an example of its formatting capability. When you want to highlight something which is not valid anymore, you use strikethrough the text like this.

How to strikethrough in Markdown?

To strikthrough certain part of text, just wrap it between two tilde symbols (~). It will be rendered to show the text as strked out with a horizontal line running from the middle of the text.

Here's an example. This is the markdown text:

This is ~~impossible~~.

The rendered text would look like this:

This is impossible.

That's what you want, right?

Avoid using white space after opening tilde (~) and before closing tilde. Otherwise, some editors don't render it properly.

You can strike out multiple words or even multiple lines like this. Just don't use the white space at the beginning or end of the strikethrough text.

Here's an example of running strike through two words:

This is an ~~impossible task~~.

The rendered text looks like this:

This is an impossible task.

You can also use it to strike through multiple lines in Markdown. In case you didn't know already, pressing space twice followed by the enter key adds a line break. That's what you do for changing lines.

Here's an example of striking through several lines.

Strikethrough text in Markdown
Strikethrough text in Markdown (click to enlarge)

You cannot strikethrough text running across multiple paragraphs in one go, though. At least that's what I have noticed. Of course, you can do that for each paragraph individually.

Want more help with Markdown?

Markdown is awesome! No wonder that from GitHub to Ghost, it's the preferred choice. Knowing the basic Markdown syntax enhances your note taking and web writing skill.

I have created this cheat sheet to help you get familiar with it. Feel free to download it.

Markdown cheatsheet

If you want a detailed explanation of Markdown syntax, there is a guide for that as well.

Basic Markdown Syntax Explained [With Free Cheat Sheet]
Learning markdown could help you a lot with writing for web. Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to Markdown syntax with downloadable cheat sheet.

I hope you find this helpful in adding links in Markdown. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.