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Adding Images in Markdown

Yes, you can add images to Markdown documents. Here's how to do that.

It may not seem obvious, but you can add images in Markdown.

All you need to do is to use Markdown syntax like this:

![alt text](image_url)

The alt text is basically a way to describe the image. It is not shown in the rendered text. You can even leave it out if you want:


Here's an example.

Adding images in Markdown
Adding an image using its web URL in Markdown (click to enlarge)

Insert local images in Markdown

So far, all the images had an actual web URL that could be accessed from anywhere.

But what if you are writing a document and want to insert images stored on your system?

Yes, that can be done as well. All you have to do is to give it a path relative to the location of your Markdown file.

I suggest keeping the Markdown files and the images in the same folder. In that case, you just have to give the filename of the image.

![alt text](image_filename_with_extension)

However, a better way to organize is to use a separate sub-folder for images. This way, the images do not clutter the main view where Markdown files are stored.

Here's the directory structure for the example here:

Images and Markdown files should be together for better organization
Images are stored in the assets folder in the example

Now, to add an image, the filename could be used in the following manner:

![alt text](assets/image_file.extension)

Here's the actual result:

Local image added in Markdown
Local image added in Markdown

Actually, this is how I advise at times when external contributors want to send their articles. It makes things easier as both text and image files can be compressed in one and it is displayed properly on any system.

Picture perfect

That may not be the case but Markdown has all the necessary tools for creating beautiful documents that can be easily published on the web as well.

Of course, you need to know the syntax but once you get them in your muscle memory, you'll be unstoppable.

This cheat sheet will help you master the Markdown syntax.

Basic Markdown Syntax Explained [With Free Cheat Sheet]
Learning markdown could help you a lot with writing for web. Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to Markdown syntax with downloadable cheat sheet.

I hope you find this helpful in adding images in Markdown. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.