Become A Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin [65% Off]

The Linux Foundation is offering beginner sysadmin and advanced sysadmin training and certification bundle at more than 65% off. You have better career prospect as a certified Linux professional.

Linux Foundation is the official organization behind Linux project and the employer of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Their main motto is to maintain ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate development and industry adoption of Linux related projects.

One of their goal is to prepare more individuals to meet the growing demand of Linux professionals in the IT industry today. They have a huge catalog of training courses and certification exams to help people achieve career in Linux.

Linux Foundation also runs limited time sales to make their courses and exams affordable to people. Their latest offer is focused on syadmins.

Linux Foundation sysadmin training course and certification exam bundle

Linux Foundation Cyber Monday Sale
Linux Foundation Cyber Monday Sale

There are two bundles in this offer: the beginner sysadmin and the advanced sysadmin bundle.

The beginner Sysadmin bundle contains the ‘Essentials of Linux System Administration‘ self-paced eLearning course. It teaches the skills and processes needed to work as a professional Linux system administrator. The LFCS certification exam allows you to validate your skill set.

The advanced Sysadmin bundle contains the ‘Linux Networking and Administration‘ self-paced eLearning course dives deeper into Linux administration topics, covering networking in depth. The LFCE certification demonstrates an advanced level of Linux administration and engineering skills.

Super SysAdmin Bundle
Combines both Sysadmin bundles into one

Use ITSFOSS15 discount code at checkout to get 15% additional off.

If you are looking to do go become advanced sysadmin from scratch, you can get both bundles together for just $299 instead of the regular price of $998. Combine it with ITSFOSS15 coupon code at checkout and you’ll get 15% additional discount on top of it.

The course material will be accessible for one year from the date of purchase. You can take two attempts at the certification exams during this period.

If you are buying it for your company’s employees, you can get it for a group of five people.

The offer ends on 10th December, 2019. So, hurry up!

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  • Hi im sorry if this is a noob question, but how is the exam taken? Is it online? Do I have to go to any specific place to take it? I live in Brazil.

  • Hello, I am looking into picking up LFS201and LFSC course/exam respectively. Although a long term Linux user, I haven’t got a formal or academic background on Linux or system administration. Can someone please answer whether by studying the LFS201 course and additional self teaching, but mostly relying on the aforementioned course, whether I will have enough education to pass the LFSC exam and get certification? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi,

      The training course gives you a brief on the various topics and a few exercises to practice after each chapter.

      The more you practice, the better you get.

      Moreover, you’ll have two attempts at the exam.

      I believe that with the help of the training course and practicing on the course syllabus on your own, you should be able to pass the exam.