How to Install Google Earth on Ubuntu Linux

This tutorial shows how to install Google Earth on Ubuntu Linux, via GUI and via command line.
Warp Terminal

Google Earth is a virtual globe that lets you travel anywhere sitting right in front of your desk. You can explore any place on earth (even in 3D) and also beyond earth. You can explore the surface of Moon and Mars, and explore the stars in the night sky.

Note: Google Earth stopped support for 32-bit architecture on Linux, so these steps wonโ€™t work if you run a 32-bit system. You can find the .deb file for the last supported version on their download page for older releases.

Method 1: Installing Google Earth on Ubuntu via GUI

Go to the Google Earth download page. Download the Google Earth package (.deb) for Debian/Ubuntu.

download google earth deb package for ubuntu linux
Download Google Earth DEB package for Ubuntu Linux

Double-click on the downloaded package and it will open in the software center. Click on the install button. If it opens in archive manager, you can easily fix that deb file issue in Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04.

google earth deb package install via software center
Google Earth deb package install via software center

Method 2: Installing Google Earth via the terminal

If you prefer the command-line way, simply fire up a terminal and run these commands:

cd /tmp
mkdir google-earth && cd google-earth
sudo dpkg -i google-earth-stable*.deb

And there, youโ€™ve got Google Earth installed on your Ubuntu 22.04.

You can just search for โ€œGoogle Earthโ€ from the applications to launch it.

launch google earth from ubuntu activities
Launch Google Earth from Ubuntu Activities

Or simply enter the following command in your terminal to launch:

google earth home view in ubuntu linux
Google Earth Home view in Ubuntu Linux

Any more troubles?

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