How to Install Google Chrome on Linux Mint [Beginners Tip]

Feeling uncomfortable with command line? Here's how to install Google Chrome on Linux Mint graphically. Also learn to remove and update Chrome.
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This should be a really simple topic but I am writing this because I see so many websites recommending strange command line steps for installing Google Chrome on Linux Mint. That would work but that’s unnecessarily complicated, specially for beginners not familiar with the command line.

In reality, you don’t need to go the terminal way at all. All you have to do is to go to Google Chrome’s website and download the installer file for Ubuntu and install it.

Let me detail the steps for your understanding.

Installing Google Chrome on Linux Mint

Go to the website of Google Chrome.

You’ll see a “Download Chrome” button here. Click on it.

download chrome linux mint
Download Chrome for Linux

It will show you two option for downloading Chrome on Linux. Go with the Debian/Ubuntu option and hit the “Accept and Install” button.

downloading chrome linux mint
Select Debian/Ubuntu option for Chrome package on Mint

Before starting the download, Firefox asks you if you want to open the downloaded file with Gdebi or save it. You can go with either option because ultimately, you’ll be using Gdebi for installing the deb file. However, I prefer to save the file first.

saving downloaded chrome linux mint
Save the deb file

Wait for the download to finish.

finishing chrome download linux mint
Wait for Google Chrome download to finish

Once the download finishes, go to the Downloads folder in File Explorer. To install the deb file, either double click on it or right click on it and select ‘Open With GDebi Package Installer’.

installing google chrome deb file mint
Double click on the downloaded deb file to install it

Wait for a few seconds and it should give you the option to install.

installing google chrome gdebi mint
Hit the Install Package option in Gdebi

It will ask for Linux Mint account password. In Linux, you need to provide your password for installing any application.

enter password for installing chrome mint
Enter your password for installing an application

You are almost there. It will show what additional packages will be installed with it (if any). Just hit the Continue button.

installing chrome mint
Details on the packages to be installed

It should take a few seconds or a minute at most for installation to complete.

installing chrome mint progress
Installing Chrome in progress

You should see a screen like this when the installation completes.

chrome installed mint
Chrome successfully installed on Linux Mint

Once installed, you can run Google Chrome by looking for it in the application menu.

run google chrome linux mint
Run Google Chrome in Linux Mint

And then enjoy Google Chrome on Linux Mint.

google chrome in linux mint
Google Chrome running in Linux Mint

How to update Google Chrome on Linux Mint

The good thing about this method is that Google Chrome gets updated with system updates. When you install the deb file, it also adds a repository from Google to your system.

google chrome repo added mint
Chrome adds a repository to the system for providing updates

Thanks to this added repository, the updates on the Chrome browser will be added to the system updates. So when you update Linux Mint, it gets updated as well (if there is an update available).

How to remove Google Chrome from Linux Mint

Don’t like Chrome? No worries. You can uninstall Google Chrome from Linux Mint. And no, you don’t need to use terminal this time as well.

Click on the menu and search for Chrome. Right click on the Chrome icon and you’ll see an ‘Uninstall’ option. Select it.

removing google chrome from mint
Removing Google Chrome from Linux Mint

You’ll have to enter your password, of course. It will show the package to be removed. Click OK here.

uninstalling google chrome from linux mint
Uninstalling Google Chrome from Linux mint

You may leave the repo from Google Chrome or remove it. It’s your choice, really.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful in using Google Chrome on Linux Mint.

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