Install Android Like Weather Indicator Widget In Ubuntu 12.10

If you use an Android smart phone, you might like the things are in it and you may want similar things for your desktop as well. For example you may want to use Android style live wallpapers in Ubuntu. If you are using a weather indicator widget in Android and you want to have a similar weather indicator widget in Ubuntu, you can use My Weather Indicator. It is an awesome app that comes up with lots of configuration option. You can use it as an applet that sits on the top panel or you can use it as desktop widget that shows you the time and weather condition on the desktop screen.

Install My Weather Indicator in Ubuntu:

We’ll use a PPA to install My Weather Indicator. Open the terminal and use the following commands to install it:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install my-weather-indicator

If you feel like deleting this app, you can remove the PPA and it will be deleted.

How to launch weather indicator:

Go to Unity HUD and type weather. It should show you My Weather Indicator. Click on it to start it.

Weather Indicator Ubuntu

When you use the application for the first time, it will give you the option to configure it. Later on you can change the configuration by going in to Preferences.

How to show the weather indicator on desktop:

In the configuration or preferences, choose the first tab Location. You can change the default location to your own location. My Weather Indicator gives you option to have two locations at the same time. Helpful if you are an expatiate. But it won’t show the both location in the same widget and you’ll have tow widgets on the desktop.

To show the indicator on desktop, choose the option of Show widget. You can also choose the style of the desktop widget from the available options.

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Click on OK to save it. Now you can see the widget on the desktop.

Weather-indicator desktop widget Ubuntu

How to launch weather indicator at each start up:

It will be of no use if you have to manually start this application each time you boot in Ubuntu. To set the auto start, go to the General options tab and click on Autostart. You can also configure the refresh time interval. The minimum time interval is 15 minutes. In the same tab you can also choose the type of icon that will be displayed in the top panel.


What else can you configure in My Weather Indicator:

You can choose the units of different parameters such as temperature, wind, pressure etcetera in the Unit tab.


You can also choose your favourite weather service among the available four options from Weather services tab.


Worth a try?

You might face a little problem with setting the location in My Weather Indicator. But it is a nice app and will be suited for you if you are find of desktop widgets. If you are not afraid of adding different PPAs and like to have an Android styled weather indicator on your desktop, this is definitely worth giving a try.



  1. […] Since other alternates for Weather Indicator, in Ubuntu Software Center, are awful AWeather and costly Stromcloud, you should opt for My Weather Indicator which is free to use and has lots of customizable options. You can use it as an applet in top panel or as a desktop widget. The desktop widget resembles highly to Android like weather indicator. […]

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