Fix: GIMP Does Not Save In JPEG OR PNG Format

The latest version of the most popular free and open source photo editing software GIMP has brought some changes that have irked quite a few people.

Most of the normal computer users are used to of using shortcut Ctrl+S to save their work. In previous versions of GIMP when you used Ctrl+S, it used to give you the option of saving in different formats such as JPEG or PNG etc. But GIMP 2.8 has changed this popular way of saving your work. Now if you press Ctrl+S to save your work, all you can see is the option of saving your image in XCF, bzip or gzip archive file.


What is the new option to save the work in JEPG or PNG format in GIMP?

The new option to save your work as GPEG or PNG or other popular formats is to export these files using Ctl+Shift+E key. But this is not really convenient as it adds one redundant step and moreover the original work is left open unsaved which you have to kill afterwards. Some people might start changing the default way but for me, Ctrl+S is far easier and would

Duh! I want to use Ctrl+S in GIMP to save the work in JPEG or PNG

If you cannot live with the new Ctrl+Shift+E replacing your darling Ctrl+S, here is how you can force GIMP to give you option for saving in all the formats with Ctrl+S.

Open GIMP. From the Menu, go to Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts.


Now in here, search for overwrite:


Now click on this Disabled, it will be changed to New Accelerator:


Now use press Ctrl+S to assign this shortcut:


Just click on the Reassign shortcut and save it:


And that is it. Next time you use Ctrl+S, GIMP will save the file to default format and instead of saving it as xcf file. Enjoy :)

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  • I have two criticisms of GIMP as a useful photo editing program.
    Keep It Simple Stupid. That means that most of us use standard JPG format because that is what the camera came with. So making it not standard save feature was a serious mistake for most people.
    We are not pros. We are simply common, average people for the most part.
    The library currently has only two books on GIMP. One of which is borrowed from another district. Maybe it is time to put your program available for people that are not pros. Maybe Keeping It Simple Stupid should be something GIMP needs to do.

  • I can only get it to save (export) the first slide….
    I know I used to be able to save ALL slides as JPegs in both Open Office and MS Office in the past.

  • My exposure to Gimp lasted about 3 minutes … unable to save an image in jpg or png under the Save As menu is 200% unacceptable, and just goes to show how disconnected the developers are from the real world. Nope not here… I’ll be glad to pay Adobe $10 a month to avoid this nonsense.

  • unfortunately this trick doesn’t work in my gimp 2.10. i can use the overwrite function with the new hotkey, but the status of the png/jpg image is still “unsaved” or “modified” and the gimp drops the annoying popup when i exit telling me there are unsaved changes. i HATE gimp guys. it’s so sad i can’t compile the good old 2.6 on a modern linux distro anymore :( do you know any other solution?