After Several Years, Fotowall Has a New Release

Fotowall, an open source photo software for creating pictures and custom posters, has released a new version.

According to the release information, Fotowall 1.0 ‘RETRO’ “is the final release for Fotowall; after more than a million downloads (even excluding the installs through Linux distros) and after having revolutionized the direct-manipulation graphic-composition when it came out in 2007, it’s time for the last stretch of glory.”

Fotowall 1.0 is a simple software used to create pictures using the various creative tools that it offers. You can use it to arrange your photos, add text and live videos from your webcam as well as pictures from the Internet.

Fotowall 1.0

With Fotowall you can create wallpapers, collage, covers, postcards and original pictures. It can also be used to print very big posters using a small printer. The recent version of Fotowall supports text and Internet content integration.

Fotowall may not be one of the best photo applications for Linux like Gimp, but it does simple tasks in an easier way. You don’t have to fiddle through a number of options just to add some text on a photo. This review of Fotowall 0.9 will help you understand its features and capabilities:

Fotowall 1.0 ‘RETRO’ is available for both Linux and Windows. As an opensource program, the source code is also available for those who are interested.

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New features in Fotowall “RETRO” 1.0

  • Picture cropping
  • Improvements in exporters. It can now export high-quality PDF output for easy printing. You can also export as a poster using PosteRazor or as a SVG file.
  • Wordcloud editor. This feature accepts plain text files as input whereby it will create a word collage using the text file.
  • Live Camera Item. With this feature, users with WebCams can create live effects with multi-views. This is available for Ubuntu users who have WebCams. Checkout Webcam live video.
  • It also provides support for Traditional Chinese Translation

Check out a full list of the changes here.

Download and install Fotowall 1.0

The final version of Fotowall 1.0 comes with pre-built binaries for Linux and Windows tested in Ubuntu and Windows 10 respectively. You can also get it through the package manager for other versions of Linux (when your distributions make it available). 

Just download the binaries, change the permission to executable and run it. No need to install.

Fotowall “RETRO” 1.0 Binaries

Fotowall “RETRO” 1.0 Source Code

Did you ever use Fotowall? If not, are you willing to give a try?

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  • Great program! does exactly what I wanted…
    Thanks (running on Linuxmint20)
    I could not be happier to have found this!

    • Hi 33Nicolas, I don’t want install it but I suspect you choose the wrong one: click on the 2nd Linux icon (Static) 24 MB x86_64. Try it (64 bit of course)

      • Nah, tried all, except for Ubuntu and not working. It opens the root terminal and just hangs there doing nothing after seeming like it was starting something. Dunno!