Beautiful Icon Theme Flattr Sees First Stable Release

Flattr icons in Linux

First stable version of Flattr icon theme has been released. As the name suggests, it is a flat icon theme for all major Linux desktop environment. Flattr is developed by Nitrux team, which is known in Linux world for its artwork, specially for Nitrux icon pack. Nitrux is also working with Numix for a brand new Linux OS Ozon.

Indeed, Flattr has been appreciated and used by many even before its first stable release. Icons look nice with flat approach which is in fashion these days. No surprises that almost all of the best icon themes for Ubuntu have the flat look. Below is a quick look at how different icons look like in Flattr.

Flattr icons

Use Flattr icon theme

Using Flattr icon theme is same as any other icon theme. Get the icon pack from the Github repository. Extract the file in ~/.icons directory. If this directory doesn’t exist, create it. Afterwards, use the tool available for your desktop environment to change the icon theme to Flattr.

If you are using Ubuntu, you can refer to this screenshot tutorial to see how to change themes in Ubuntu Unity. Similarly, you can follow this guide to change icon themes in Linux Mint.

Here is my Ubuntu 14.04 desktop with Flattr icon theme. Does it not look nice?

Flattr icon theme in Ubuntu

How do you like Flattr icons? Do you often change icon themes and looks of your desktop or are you happy with the default looks?

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