[Deal] Run Windows Software and Games on Linux With CrossOver 15 (66% Off)

CrossOver for Linux deal

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners, how do I run Windows software in Linux and is gaming on Linux possible?

The answer is, it’s possible to run a number of Windows software and games on Linux. There are dedicated software such as Wine and PlayOnLinux for this purpose.

However, these are more “do it yourself” kind of tool and there is no support available. This is where CrossOver comes into the picture.

What is CrossOver?

CrossOver is a commercial tool that lets you run various Windows Software and games on Linux and Mac OS. You don’t need to install any virtual machine, no need to buy a Windows license just to run a Windows application.

With CrossOver, you can run Microsoft Office 2013 and 365, Microsoft Outlook 2013 and play games like Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft etc. There are over 14,000 Windows software and games supported by CrossOver. You can see the list of compatible software here.

In addition to that, CrossOver provides dedicated support so if you are stuck, you can just give them a call.

CrossOver actually runs Wine underneath, so you may argue that you can use Wine itself. And you are right. But CrossOver intends to serve people who want hassle-free experience with Windows software.

If you have switched to Linux recently from Windows and/or want to run some important Windows software, this CrossOver deal at It’s FOSS is a must grab for you.

CrossOver deal: $19.99 instead of $59.95

The normal price of CrossOver is $59.95 per year for the Linux version. With this limited time deal at It’s FOSS Shop, you get CrossOver version 15.1.0 for $19.99. You can check the actual price of CrossOver on its website to verify.

Note that, you won’t get updates but there is no renewal fee, this is for lifetime access.

If you are in dire need of running Windows software and you don’t mind spending 20 bucks, this deal could be a life saver for you.

And just to add, part of the sales will be donated to open source projects under our It’s FOSS monthly donation program. This means that you’ll be indirectly supporting open source project.

Buy CrossOver on It’s FOSS Shop

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  • I love it’s simplicity, runs windows games quite efficiently, though it may need to install many 32bit shared libraries to get working.

  • So we pay to use something that we can with some effort learn to use? Sounds like a product for the lazy

    • There are a lot of people that don’t know what Linux is.

      The worse, I ever met someone who doesn’t know how to install softwares in Windows.