How To Close Running Apps In Ubuntu Phone [Quick Tip]

Some of the lucky ones have managed to get their hands on Ubuntu Phone. As you might have noticed, the user interface in Ubuntu Phone is not similar to Android and iOS. For this reason, it is easy to get overwhelmed by this non-familiar mobile OS. This is why I have thought of coming with a series of very basic how to tutorials on Ubuntu Phone. First in this series is how to close the running apps in Ubuntu Phone.

Find and close running background apps in Ubuntu Phone

Indeed, closing running apps in Ubuntu Phone is very quick and easy. It’s just slightly hidden. In fact, it’s not even hidden, it’s just… different. By now you know that if you swipe from right edge to towards left, it switches to the last running app. This happens when you swipe it for a short distance.

But if you swipe from right edge towards left for more than half of the screen, either quickly or slowly, it will show all the running apps in the background. You can choose the app you want to use. To close an app, just swipe it either up or down. I think the screenshot below would be useful:

see and close running apps in Ubuntu Phone

Wondering how to take screenshot in bq Ubuntu Phone? I’ll show you that in another post. I hope this quick tip helped you to find the running apps in Ubuntu Phone and close them. Indeed, obvious things could be hidden. I had similar issue while trying to close running apps in OnePlus earlier. It’s just the matter of exploring, I would say :)

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