Add Some Colors to Your Ubuntu Desktop With the new Accent Color Options in Ubuntu 22.04

Traditionally, Ubuntu has always used orange and aubergine accent colors. If you want to add a different color theme without changing the Yaru theme, the option is provided with a third party theme called Yaru colors.

But this is changing with Ubuntu 22.04. Starting with the new upcoming LTS, you’ll be able to change the accent color of your Ubuntu desktop without any additional tool.

The option is available right in the system settings.

Changing accent color in Ubuntu 22.04

I am already using Ubuntu 22.04 pre-release version. You won’t get this option yet but it’s good to know about this new feature of Ubuntu 22.04.

In the settings, under the Appearance tab, you’ll see the color options. It will give you ten color options including the default orange: Bark, Sage, Olive, Viridian, Prussian Green, Blue, Purple, Magenta and Red.

You can select your preferred color from here.

accent colors ubuntu 22 04
Changing accent colors in Ubuntu 22.04

What does it change? All the places where you had Orange color element in the desktop. So, the folder colors get changed, calendar entries, software center logo, text selection highlight in browsers and more.

changed accent color ubuntu 22 04
Effect of accent color change

This video shows all the accent colors in action:

You should mix the colors with light and dark theme. Some colors look good with the light theme, while some look better with the dark theme.

Change the accent color or stick with default?

accent colors elementary os 6
Accent color option in elementary OS 6

In recent times, Linux Mint and elementary OS started providing accent color options. Ubuntu is also joining this party.

Personally, I have always associated orange color with the identity of Ubuntu. I am not sure if I’ll go with different colors but It’s always good to have options.

How about you? Do you look forward to using the accent colors in Ubuntu 22.04 or would you stick with the default orange color? Please share your view in the comment section.

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