Viber Linux Client Is Available In Beta! Install it Now

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Viber Linux Logo

On mobile/tab OS, there are two apps that rule the mobile world of instant messaging, one is WhatsApp and other is Viber. Other apps like WeChat are growing fast but still behind these two big shots. While WhatsApp specifically focus on mobile devices (and hence no desktop clients), Viber is expanding its reach. Viber is variable on all major mobile platform as well as on Windows and Mac desktop.

With Viber’s move to desktop in May’13, many in the industry has speculated it to be a potential rival of Skype. Keeping the same in mind, Viber is extending its reach to increasing Linux desktop users. Viber Linux client is available in beta for enthusiastic users to try.

Install Viber in Ubuntu 13.04 and other Linux:

Viber released the Linux desktop client in beta earlier this month. The binaries are available only for 64 bits system at present. You can download Viber Linux client from the link below:

Download Viber Linux client in beta for 64 bit system

Once downloaded, extract the zip file and go to the extracted directory. You can see the executable here. Double click on it to run the application:

Run Viber in Linux

Alternatively, you can use terminal and go to the directory where Viber has been extracted. In there use the following command to run Viber:


If you are already an user of Viber, you can use your phone number to log in to it. A code will be sent to Viber app in your smart phone when you try to activate it on desktop for the first time. Once logged in, all your contacts, messages and conversation will be synched with your mobile app.

Viber Linux Client Login

The interface of Viber in Linux is quiet neat, not very fancy though and slightly better than Skype in Linux (in my opinion).

Viber Linux Client Interface

I am not much of Viber user but it good to see many popular apps coming to Linux. As Microsoft hardly cares for Skype on Linux, Viber could be the one filling the void of a good cross platform voice and video messaging application.

In case you decide to beta test Viber in Linux, you can provide your feedback to Viber community page on Google Plus.