How To Install Cinnamon In Ubuntu 14.04

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How to install in Cinnamon in Ubuntu 14.04

Cinnamon is the default desktop environment of Linux Mint. Unlike Unity in Ubuntu, Cinnamon is more traditional but elegant looking desktop environment with bottom panel and app menu etc. No, you don’t need to install Linux Mint just for trying Cinnamon. In this tutorial we shall see how to install Cinnamon in Ubuntu 14.04.

Install Cinnamon in Ubuntu 14.04

There used to be a-sort-of official PPA from Cinnamon team for Ubuntu but it doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t loose heart. There is an unofficial PPA available and it works perfectly.

Open a terminal and use the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lestcape/cinnamon
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cinnamon

It will download files of around 130 MB in size (if I remember correctly). This also provides you with Nemo (Nautilus fork) and Cinnamon Control Center. These bonus stuff gives a closer feel of Linux Mint.

Using Cinnamon desktop environment in Ubuntu 14.04

Once you have installed Cinnamon, log out of the current session. At the login screen, click on the Ubuntu symbol beside the username:

Change desktop environment in Ubuntu 14.04

When you do this, it will give you all the desktop environments available for your system. No need to tell you that you have to choose Cinnamon:

Install Cinnamon in Ubuntu 14.04

Now you should be logged in to Ubuntu with Cinnamon desktop environment. Remember, you can do the same to switch back to Unity. Here is a quick screenshot of what it looked like to run Cinnamon in Ubuntu 14.04:

Cinnamon in Ubuntu 14.04

Looks completely like Linux Mint, isn’t it? I didn’t find any compatibility issue between Cinnamon and Unity. I switched back and froth between Unity and Cinnamon and both worked perfectly.

Remove Cinnamon from Ubuntu 14.04

It is understandable that you might want to uninstall Cinnamon. We will use PPA Purge for this purpose. Let’s install PPA Purge first:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

Afterwards, use the following command to purge the PPA:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:lestcape/cinnamon

I hope this post helps you to install Cinnamon in Ubuntu 14.04. Do share your experience with Cinnamon.

  • Nirmalya Chakraborty

    Can Cinnamon be used with Zorin, since Zorin itself uses the Ubuntu Shell? Is it possible to install and use Unity desktop on Zorin as well?

    • Abhishek Prakash

      This PPA is specifically for Ubuntu. It’s not a guarantee that it will work properly in Zorin.

      • Nirmalya Chakraborty

        Abnishek, I just tried your tip on Zorin 9. It’s working perfectly well. Three cheers for the tutorial.

        • Abhishek Prakash

          Good to know. Did it break anything if you log back to default desktop environment?

          • Nirmalya Chakraborty

            Nothing till now. I also installed the Unity desktop with the command “sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^” command and that too worked smoothly on Zorin.(the caret (^)at the end is not a typo)

          • Abhishek Prakash

            Good to know :)

          • nashtrik

            I use ‘Cubuntu’….it is an unofficial French Ubuntu distro with a spice of Cinnamon…it comes only in 64-bit flavor and you have to change the language preferences for the display in English…..!!!

          • Abhishek Prakash

            Interesting. I never heard of Cubuntu before. Thanks for the info. I’ll chekc it out.

  • Pete Woodwood

    No major problems but Cinnamon will not play with Tickr my rss scrolling news feeds.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      I wonder if it is a bug with Cinnamon in general.

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  • JustNiz

    automount doesnt appear to (still) work when running cinnamon. Anyone got a clue how I might fix that?

    • Abhishek Prakash

      more details please

      • JustNiz

        On Ubuntu 14.04 With unity, whenever you insert a USB stick, it detects/mounts it automatically and a drive icon for the usb stick’s partition appears on the desktop. If you switch to Cinnamon, this no longer happens, even though the cinnamon automount option is set true. Under cinnamon you have to manually mount it.

        • Abhishek Prakash

          Did not try it. I’ll install Cinnamon again and look for it.

  • Ash

    I cant see the Ubuntu symbol beside my user name after installing Cinnamon and logout from my account….where can i see it so that i can switch ti cinnamon?

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  • Lem

    Installed Cinnamon as suggested but it’s messed everything up. So uninstalled as suggested and many of my settings remain changed. Log on screen still searches for Cinnamon and error message comes up and then when Ubuntu loads my screen resolution has totally changed and I can’t see any of the bars just a few items on the desktop. Won’t connect to the printer and did before loading Cinnamon and function keys don’t work anymore. Suggestions to get back to normality please.

  • taksh sharma

    I installed Gnome Ubuntu 14.10 recently.I had been facing issues with Gnome as its lagging a lot. So I tried changing to Gnome Shell (Gnome 2). It was faster than Gnome 3. But then I installed Cinnamon. Boy! That’s the speediness I expect from my system (Had been using Windows which was as fast as this). I wanted to know whether I can uninstall Gnome and all other DEs I’ve installed? Would appreciate if you could help me out in this stuff.

  • Guy Chauhan

    for me, very comprehensive. learned the difference between shell and desktop for gnome. thanks Abhishek.

    • Abhishek Prakash


  • Guy Chauhan

    well it was installed alright. but didn’t work out on login as it won’t bring the interface. just wallpaper and can’t do anything or it’d suggest the fallback. no big deal for me i just like change and to why i was doing it.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      That’s weird! Can you share screenshot?