How To Know If Your System Has USB 3.0 Port In Linux [Quick Tip]

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Most of the new computers come with USB 3.0 ports these days. But how can you know if your computer has USB 3.0 port or not? In this quick tip, we shall see how to find if your system has USB 3 or USB 2 in Linux.

Check if you have USB 3.0 in Linux terminal

Open a terminal and use the following command:


This command displays information about USB buses in your system. Check the result, if you have something like “3.0 root hub”, it means your system has USB 3.0. For example, for my new notebook, it shows:

How to find if system has USB 3.0 in Linux

The quick tip will work on all Linux systems such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora etc. Now when you know that you have USB 3.0 port, how can you identify which port is USB 3.0 and which is USB 2.

Identify which port is USB 3.0

Usually USB 3.0 ports are tagged as SS (abbreviation for Super Speed). If your system manufacturer has not tagged it as SS or USB 3, you can check the interior of the port which should normally be of blue color.

find usb 3.0 port

I hope this quick post helped you to find if your system has USB 3.0 or not and then to identify the USB 3.0 port. In related post, you can read how to find if you have 32 bit or 64 bit OS in Ubuntu. Any questions or suggestions are always welcomed.

Image: Calvinshub

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  • Fatriff

    Shows that I have 1 usb 3.0 port yet I have 2.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      It doesn’t say about number of USB ports. Just the type of USB ports.

  • Vanja Šantak

    How to install sony pc companion with wine on linux mint 17 cinnamon? i have sony xperia z2 and i want to connect it with my notebook

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Is there specific reason you want to use PC Companion? You can mount it as storage device in Linux.

      • Vanja Šantak

        I need it for software update, biger updates are only available to update via pc companion :-(

      • Vanja Šantak

        Is there any possibilities to install mac version of pc companion software on linux mint 17, i need it desperately to upgrade my phone to newest version

      • Vanja Šantak

        i finally succeed to install pc companion onlinux mint and now i have problems with mtp protocol, i think it would be great to add some tutorial on it’s foss about mtp protocol, i found lot’s of interesting things about it on the internet but never all in one place

        • Abhishek Prakash

          I can try but with Ubuntu 14.04 my Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and iPhone 5 are working fine by default so it is difficult to “reproduce” the issue ;)