Enable Backspace In Firefox In Ubuntu Linux [Quick Tip]

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Remember the last time you used backspace key to go back to previous webpage while browsing in Mozilla Firefox? It was probably when you were in Windows. Firefox is the default web browser in many a Linux distributions including Ubuntu. And in Ubuntu, the backspace key to go back to previous webpage doesn’t work, by default. This can be changed easily by altering the configuration.

In this quick post we shall see how to enable backspace action in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

Enable backspace action in Firefox in Ubuntu:

Step 1:

Open Firefox and enter about:config in the address bar. A warning from Firefox will be displayed that your warranty will be void (as if there is one). You can ‘pinky’ promise to be careful.

Enable backspace action in Ubuntu Linux

Step 2:

In here search for browser:backspace_action. Note that copy pasting this value will yield in no results. Since the entries are in alphabetical order, you can easily look for it. When you find it, double click on it and change its value to 0 from 2.


That’s it. Now if you hit backspace, it will take you to previous webpage. By the way, there is another shortcut. If your press Alt+Left arrow, it will go to the previous webpage and if you press Alt+right arrow, it will take you to the next webpage.