Bodhi Linux 2.3.0 Is Available For Download

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Bodhi Linux Desktop

Ubuntu based lightweight Linux distribution Bodhi Linux sees a minor update release, 2.3.0. Bodhi Linux uses Enlightenment Desktop by default and is preferred by people who like to customize their desktop.

New features in Bodhi Linux 2.3.0:

  • Linux Kernel 3.8
  • Enlightenment 0.17.1
  • Midori 0.4.9
  • Terminology 0.3.0 (Terminal Emulator for Enlightenment)
  • eCcess system tool (Tool for managing user/groups)
  • Ubiquity 2.12
  • 5 new default themes
  • Repository updates for Firefox 19.0.2, Chromium 25, nVidia 310 drivers and LibreOffice 4.0.1 and other applications

Download Bodhi Linux 2.3.0:

If you are already using Bodhi Linux 2, you can simple upgrade it via terminal by using the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

It will show you the available upgrades. Just use Y to start the installation.

Alternatively, you can always download the disk image of Bodhi Linux 2.3.0 from its website.

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