97 Percent Of The World’s Top 500 Supercomputers Run Linux

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Top500 (a website tracking the world of supercomputers) has released its 43rd list of top 500 supercomputers in the world. As per this list, Linux is running on 97% of thee top 500 supercomputers. This should not come as surprise because Linux was the choice of 95% of top 500 supercomputers last year.

Linux runs on 97% of top 500 supercomputers

What is surprising is that very few supercomputers are running Unix. In fact, in terms of speed, first 50 fastest supercomputers run only Linux. Unix is not even in top 50. Did I mention that world’s fastest supercomputer runs Ubuntu?

There are only two supercomputers that run Windows, one is in Shanghai Supercomputer Center and another is owned by Microsoft. I have doubts if Windows run properly even on a supercomputer 😉

As Linux continues to dominate supercomputers, I hope enough attention is paid to desktop Linux world as well where Linux family lags even Windows Vista in terms of user share.