Ubuntu 16.04 Release Schedule

Release dates of Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 16.04 Release Schedule is out. This long terms support (LTS) release will be coming on 21 April 2016. Important dates of the release schedule are listed below:

  • Alpha 1 – 31 December
  • Alpha 2 – 28 January
  • Feature Freeze – 18 February
  • Beta 1 – 25 February
  • UI Freeze – 10 March
  • Final Beta – 04 March
  • Kernel Freeze – 07 April
  • Release Candidate – 14 April
  • Final release – 21 April

Ubuntu 16.04 Release Schedule

Codename, version number and history

Ubuntu 16.04 is the sixth LTS release with the first being Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake. Till date, 6.06 is the only release that was delayed.

If you have noticed, Ubuntu versions are always either XX.04 or XX.10. Actually, Ubuntu version number is a combination of year and the month of release. When you see Ubuntu 15.10, it signifies that this Ubuntu version was released in the 10th (i.e. October) month of the year 2015. Clearly, Ubuntu 16.04 will be released in April 2016.

As stated earlier, Ubuntu 6.06 was the only release that was delayed and released in June 2006 instead of April 2006.

The first Ubuntu release was Ubuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog.

After version number, let’s move to codename. Ubuntu 16.04 has been codenamed Xenial Xerus. Ubuntu releases are codenamed with a combination of an adjective and an animal (preferably endangered), starting with the same letters. Xenial means hospitable and Xerus is another word for squirrel.

One more thing worth note is that the release are codenamed in increasing alphabetical order. Ubuntu 15.10 was codenamed Willy Werewolf, starting with W. While the next release is Xenial Xerus, starting with X. No prizes for guessing that Ubuntu 16.10 will be something starting with Y.

Important release

I’ll be keeping an eye on Ubuntu 16.04 because it is going to be an important release. It’ll be curious to see if Ubuntu packs up Unity 8 (less likely), Mir desktop server and Snappy packages in 16.04 LTS or it plays safe by releasing them in non-LTS Ubuntu 16.10.

Update: Don’t forget to look at Ubuntu 16.04 features list.

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  • Correction: The final beta for Ubuntu 16.04 will be released on March 24th. You have a typo that shows March 4th.