Type Infinity Symbol in Linux

You might not be 'The Man Who Knew Infinity' but you will surely become 'The Person Who Knew to Type Infinity Symbol' after following this tutorial.
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Sometimes, simple things become too complicated.

Take the example of writing the infinity symbol ∞ in Linux. It may seem so easy and yet when you have to do it, you find that there is no direct or indirect key for it.

There are several ways to type special characters like Infinity (∞) in Ubuntu and other systems.

The simplest would be to search for it on the web, copy it from some website and paste it where you want.

But that's not very useful if you are offline. Let me share a few ways you can type the infinite symbol in Linux.

Type infinity ∞ in Ubuntu using GNOME Characters

If you are using the GNOME desktop environment, you can use the built-in GNOME Characters.

Don't have GNOME Characters application? Install it using:

sudo apt install gnome-characters
Characters app in Ubuntu activities overview
Characters app in Overview

Now, search infinity in the GNOME Characters application using the search icon on the top left.

Search and Find Infinity character in Characters app. Then click on it copy that.
Search and Find Infinity Character

Once you have found the character, click on it. Now, copy the character using the copy button.

Copy the character to clipboard using the Copy button
Copy the Character

That’s it. Now, you can paste it (CTRL+v) wherever you require.

You can also use the GNOME Activity search for this purpose. Just type the character you want in the shell search.

Search for Infinity Character in GNOME Shell
Search for Character in Shell

Once found, just press the enter key on the character, and it will be copied to the clipboard. You can now paste it anywhere.

Use the infinity symbol ∞ with the Unicode

If you are not in GNOME, or if you don’t want such applications, it is always possible to type special characters using the Unicode codes.

To type infinity (∞) symbol in Ubuntu or any other system, first, you need to press CTRL + SHIFT + U. This will make the cursor position an underlined β€œu” symbol. That's the unicode prompt.

An underlined "u" indicates you can enter the code for a unicode character
The Unicode Prompt

Now, release CTRL + SHIFT + U, and type 221e without any space or tab, like this:

Enter the unicide code for the character infinity
Unicode code for Infinity

After this, press the space or enter key and the infinity character will appear.

The character infinity is applied, when space or enter key is pressed after the character code in Unicode prompt
Character infinity typed
The GNOME Characters app displays the Unicode code of each character, both in the app and in shell search. You can also use this app to get the code for frequently used special characters.

You can use the below code to access common symbols. Remember, you need to press and release CTRL + SHIFT + U, to get the underlined β€œu” prompt.

Character Unicode Code
Pi (Ο€) 03c0
Small Lambda (Ξ») 03bb
Capital Sigma (Ξ£) 03a3
Proportional To (∝) 221d
Upper case Omega (Ξ©) 03a9
These characters, using the CTRL+SHIFT+U, will work on almost all apps, including browsers, text editors and terminals in Ubuntu (GTK) environment. But, it failed to work on Kate and LibreOffice installed on my Kubuntu system.

Type infinity symbol in LibreOffice

Since the above Unicode trick didn't work for me in LibreOffice, I used the typical LibreOffice way to get the infinite symbol.

Open Insert β‡Ύ Special Characters.

Select Special Character from Insert option in LibreOffice main menu
Select Special Character

Now, search for the symbol, select it and click the insert button to insert the character in the current cursor position.

Search for the character and click insert to insert it on the current cursor position.
Search for the character

That's about it. The infinity symbol will be inserted in the LibreOffice document, sheets or slides.

More special symbols?

The idea for this topic came from a user who left a comment after reading this article on typing Indian Rupee symbol in Ubuntu.

How to Type Indian Rupee Symbol in Ubuntu Linux
This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to type Indian Rupee Symbol on Ubuntu with the GNOME desktop. This procedure can also be applied to other desktop environments as well as other Linux distributions.

I hope you liked this quick little tip helpful in typing infinity symbol on Linux.

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