Ten Blogs Every Ubuntu User Must Follow


Best Ubuntu Blogs

What are the websites that I should follow to learn more about Ubuntu?

This is a question beginner often ask. I am going to list here ten of my favorite blogs that help users solve their issues, keep them updated with news and help them in over all Ubuntu. No, I am not talking about Linux in general and shell scripting and stuff like that. I am talking about a smooth desktop Linux experience with Ubuntu which an ordinary user wants.

These blogs help you with ongoing issues, make you aware of various application and provide you the latest from Ubuntu world. Following these blogs should help you to indulge more in Ubuntu. So, here goes the list of ten of my favorite blogs that cover Ubuntu extensively.

Ten blogs every Ubuntu user must follow

Since I am writing it on It’s F.O.S.S., I have deliberately kept it out of the list. I have also not included Planet Ubuntu in list for it is less useful for beginners. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the list of best Ubuntu blogs (not in any specific order):

OMG! Ubuntu!

This is one blog that has somewhat solely responsible for creating the ‘Ubuntu fanboyism’. Anything related to Ubuntu, no matter how minor, is covered by OMG! Ubuntu! It mainly covers news and application. Tutorials can be found but there are not many of them.

Follow this blog to know what’s going on in Ubuntu world.

Web Upd8

Web Upd8 is my favorite blog. Apart from covering news items, it has a vast amount of easy to follow tutorials. Web Upd8 also maintains several PPAs. Blogger Andrei is very helpful when it comes to questions in comments.

A must follow for news and tutorials.

Noobs Lab

Similar to Web Upd8, Noobs Lab is also full of tutorials, news and it maintains perhaps the biggest collection of themes and icon themes in its PPA.

If you are a noob, follow Noobs Lab.

Linux Scoop

Most of the blogs out there are ‘text blogs’. You follow the tutorials with instructions and screenshots. Linux Scoop on the other hand is complete video blog that has video tutorials to help beginners.

If you prefer seeing over reading, Linux Scoop is a must for you.

Ubuntu Geek

A relatively old blog on the web. Extensively covers Ubuntu and has a vast collection of quick how to tutorials and installation instructions. Though, I find that at times some tutorials lack depth but perhaps it is just my opinion.

Want quick tips, go to Ubuntu Geek.

Tech Drive-in

Not updated as frequently as it used to be in the past, perhaps Manuel is busy with his job, but it still offers a lot. News, tutorials, application reviews are the main highlight of the blog.

Often included in Ubuntu News Request mails, Tech Drive-in is definitely worth a drive.


Quick tips, news and tutorials are the USP of UbuntuHandbook. Ji m is also maintaining some PPAs lately. I seriously think that it could be a better looking blog, my personal opinion on the website appearance.

Handy tips at UbuntuHandbook.


A multi-author blog which is not limited to Ubuntu and covers a range of other distributions as well. It has its own forum to help out people.

Stay updated with Unixmen.

The Mukt

The Mukt is the new avatar of Muktware. Muktware was a Linux magazine that died gradually only to be reborn as The Mukt. While Muktware was a strictly Linux/Open Source blog, The Mukt covers a wide range of topics including technology news, geeky news and at times entertainment news (sounds like Mashable, no?). The Mukt still covers a lot of Ubuntu news which could be of your interest.

The Mukt is not just a blog, it’s a culture.


LinuxG is a blog where you can find all kind of “how to install” articles. Almost all the articles start with “Hello Linux Geeksters, as you may know…” and the blog could do better with a different theme. I have often find the articles lacking depth and written in hurry but it still is a good place to know about latest release of an application.

Good for quick glance of new application and their latest releases.

What about yours?

This was my list of best Ubuntu blogs which I regularly follow. I know there are plenty more out there, perhaps better than some of those listed here. So why don’t you mention your favorite Ubuntu blog in the comment section below?

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